Saturday, April 21, 2018

Review Diary: Mazaya Dermo Whitening Serum

pardon my M.I.A for awhile. no reasons seems perfect to justify it :)
but anyways, i am back to bring you my thoughts about Indonesian skincare brand, Mazaya.

i came across with this brand when i try to replace my serum from Innisfree which gonna be out soon and i try battle my PIH. according to Liah Yoo, one of many acids that can help to reduce hyper-pigmentation is arbutin.
so, when i found about Mazaya, i saw that this serum has arbutin but not as their top 3 ingredients.

the texture kinda watery, very light and absorb so easily. transparent just like water.
the scent, i don't remember picking any scent from the product.
the result, i have some hyper-pigmentation but until the products were out, i didn't saw any significant change on any of my hyper-pigmentation.
the price was very affordable even between Indonesian local brand and surprisingly, a little goes a long way so.

if the last question is, would i repurchased this product? i can assure you that i wouldn't repurchase it just because there are many serum out there that affordable but more effective to combat my PIH.

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