Thursday, July 6, 2017

Travel Diary: A Very Impulsive Trip to Purwakarta

Thursday, June 29th 2017
at 10.30 i got text that said i had to be ready at 12.30 and we would go to an trip to Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia but we didn't know how because we didn't have our tickets yet and it was just 4 days after Eid Al-fitr which means people still in the mode for Pulang Kampung and holidays.

but we did it anyways.
we started our journeys in Depok station. we took a train that brought us to Kemayoran station and we would bought our tickets to Purwakarta there. but at the time we arrived in Kemayoran station, they said the tickets was sold out (the ticket price is Rp 6.000), the only one left was to Cikampek Station which means we have to found other transportation option from Cikampek Station to Purwakarta.

but since the tickets sold out at Kemayoran Station, we thought that Tanjung Priok Station woldn't be the same. beside, Tanjung Priok Station was the first station which this train would stop by before it headed to Cikampek or Purwakarta Station and be there where it start would made us freely to choose our seat.

so off we go to Tanjung Priok Station.

we arrived at Tanjung Priok Station almost 4 pm and the ticket counter still closed but the prospective passengers was started coming. and on 4 o'clock somebody started the queue and spryly one of us took a place in the queue. the queue was already long eventho it just 4.15 whilst the counter open in 6 pm and the train arrived at 7 pm.

while one of us queue for the tickets, i looked for our place to stay over night. from Trip Advisor, Hotel Khalista was recommended for budget hotel, so i booked the hotel through Pegipegi App 

almost at 6.30 pm we got our tickets but it was the same as before, it was tickets to Cikampek Station with price Rp 5.000. when we thought the queue was over and we can feed our starving tummy while waiting for the train but it was not over yet, we need to queue for aboard the train because the tickets didn't have seat number (this train called local train) unlike long-distance train tickets, so we have to fight for our seat dealing with families that want to Pulang Kampung with their luggage.

so, we decided to split the team. 2 of us queue (i was in this team) and the other 2 bought us dinner so we can eat in the train.
not long after the other team arrived, the train also arrived.

so we begin our journey!
we did enjoy our dinner on board and after that almost 3 hours of trip we had so much laugh and finally we arrived at Cikampek Station.
after asked the station attendant, we looked for a Angkot which a blue car with yellow stripe on the bottom of the car. and the fare was not cheap (or because they knew that we were not locals). for 4 of us it cost us almost Rp 50.000

after we settled in our rooms, we need our supper :)
it was almost midnight but there is a Nasi Goreng stall still open and there was our first night at Purwakarta.

Friday, June 30th 2017
this was the fun day of our impulsive trip.

our goals today was to made it to Giri Tirta Kahuripan swimming pool because it was our first aim. but to start the day, we need to had our breakfast.
from our hotel, our took Angkot to Purwakarta Station for Rp 4.000
Purwakarta Station is near to the City Square which means near to Taman Air Mancur Sri Baduga, the main attraction for Purwakarta.

it was a dancing fountain that only dancing on Saturday nights but unfortunately i was there on Friday (this could be one of many reason to comeback to Purwakarta).

now its time to go to Giri Tirta Kahuripan. Yay!!
it was one hour from City Square to there but since there are no grab car or go-car services here, we thought we just rent an angkot :) it was for Rp 250.000 for return trip

Giri Tirta Kahuripan is a agro-tourism located in Wanayasa, Purwakarta.
grand gate fee for Rp 30.000 and you can enjoy the agro-tourism but if you wanna enjoy the sky pool, you need to pay another Rp 60.000 to enter the sky pool.

after we content with the sky pool, we went back to Purwakarta Station and this time we were ready to another queue because it was coincide with people went back to the city after Pulang Kampung. 

we were in the station at 2 pm and we got the tickets for 3.30 pm train and we had another meal in the train but it was really fun :)

Shofiyyah square hijab; Monologue long cardigan; Glee: Born This Way tee; Wrangler jeans; Wakai shoes

anw, this was a fun trip spent with my long time best friends.
and with short notice i managed to bring all my necessities inside my medium size everyday backpack. but what i bring in this trip will be in the different post :) 

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