Sunday, June 4, 2017

a Homey Cafe in South Jakarta

since it is Ramadan, so i will take the opportunity to review a hangout place to schedule your breakfasting at.

this cafe isn't a big franchise fancy cafe but the atmosphere and the interior isn't that bad, actually it isn't bad at all.
a small, intimate and homey feeling was what i felt the first time step into the cafe. it was located on the 3rd floor of a building which kinda reminds me of Korean Cafe that i've come to when i was in Seoul.

this particular cafe called Widstick Coffee. located in the edge of Jakarta, Tanjung Barat. it was just across Aneka Tambang (ANTAM) building. so, for those whose like me, live in Depok, you need to make a U-turn after passed by the ANTAM building to reached the cafe.

inside the cafe, there is a mural wall at the outside dining area and on the inside there are tables with sofas and with high chairs. and the main thing is they have their own praying room :)
the goals when we go to a cafe is we want time as long as we can spend on that cafe, so Widstick Coffee provide various of cards and boards game to kill the time and to breaking the ice when you hangout with somebody new :)

now, lets talk about the food.
i was ordered fish & chips and honestly, i don't expect anything but it was really good with the big portion of fish and i was so much content and happy.
and even tho i didn't pay for myself but it was quite cheap when we ate there for 7 of us (each of us ordered at least one food and one beverage).

so, if you in search of new hangout places in Jakarta, this cafe is definitely worth to try.

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