Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 7

Wednesday, April 26th 2017

it was our last full day in Seoul but we weren't able to N Seoul Tower yet. so, our destination for today was N Seoul Tower.

from Hongik University Station we bound for Euljiro Sam-ga Station and transferred to Line 3 to Chungmuro Station and took exit 2.
from the exit 2, we walked straight for almost 2 minutes and turn left on the first big intersection, walked for another minute and we were saw a big sign of N Seoul Tower. but it wasn't the real N Seoul Tower, it was just the cable car station to get to there.

there was a diagonal lift to the station and it was another "wow" moment for me :)
to ride the cable car, we need to pay for 8.000 won for return ride.

ride the cable car, made me thinking about Boys Before Flower where the lead actors spend the night at this ride.

at the cable car station, we didn't yet saw the love lock. we still need to climbed the stairs but still bearable.
after climbed the stairs, we saw a platform in which they performed a cultural show. it was amazing to saw the performers in hanbok and used swords.

walked across the stage, we saw the famous love locks and 'broken' bench.

outfit: Shofiyyah hijab; Unbranded tee and vest; Unbranded aztec skirt; Monologue red cardigan; wakai red slip-on

but fear not, N Seoul Tower not only love locks but there are also observatory deck and Teddy Bear museum but we chose not to enter both of it because to enter it we need to paid another 8.000 won.

happy saw all the love locks and love messages, we headed to Dongdaemun Design Plaza because we need to bought another souvenirs and they said, Arirang store in Migliore Mall had Korean souvenirs in cheaper price than in Insadong.

from Chungmuro Station was 1 station to Dongdaemun Design Plaza. off at Dongdaemun History Culture and Park station exit 8, we crossed the street and there were Migliore Mall.
arirang store is in 6th floor and the best thing is the part-timer in the shop is an Indonesian.
so, we can talk easily to bargain the price.

and that was it our last day in Seoul. after went to arirang store, we headed home because it was already dark and we didn't yet had our dinner.

Thursday, April 27th 2017

our very last day in Seoul.
on 7 am we headed to Incheon International Airport by subway and a hour letter we arrived and ready to restore the wifi egg and found the tax refund booth.
after our quest done, all we need was just got our boarding pass. next was get queue in the immigration.
the immigration queue was the longest time consumed in the entire process we need to got through in the Incheon International Airport.

after immigration, we realized that we didn't had our breakfast yet so, in the Duty Free Shop we looked for bakery shop. and it was our free time before we can board the aircraft.

and that was all of our days in Seoul. it was fun and Seoul has it own charm that bewitching me to come back soon.
but Seoul not only good. there are many times that people stared at us, maybe because our face didn't scream Korean face and also maybe two of us wear hijab and maybe they didn't really appreciate Asian foreigner. MAYBE.
and also the street not so clear. there were many litter in the street, such as cigarette butt.
but still, i already bewitched by the Korean charm.

hope my Seoul Diary can help you travel around Seoul :)

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