Friday, May 12, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 6

Tuesday, April 25th 2017

it was time to play at Everland!
i saw Everland many times in Running Man and now i have the chance to saw it with my own eyes!
outfit: Shofiyyah square; Monologue blue shirt; Lee Cooper ripped jeans; Wakai red slip-on

because we knew that our journey to Everland would be so long, so we ready to go at 9 a.m
when i looked to the Korea Subway apps (i'll explain about this on another post), it said that we have to transit 5 times :( and for the first time, 1 chose not to trust this apps.
so we asked the nearest store clerk about how can we go to Everland.

and she said from Hongik University Station we had to transit at Wangsimni Station and then transit to Bundang Line, got off on Giheung Station and transit to Yongin-Everline line and got off on Jeondae Everland Station. the train that we board at Yongin-Everline was another unmanned train that once again made me in awe with Korea.
from the station, we looked for shuttle bus stop that took us right to Everland entrance.

we were pre-booked our tickets, so we can avoid the queue.
it almost noon when we arrived in Everland but it was so gloomy.
i heard Everland which is combination between amusement park and safari, was better than Lotte World but it was nothing compare to Universal Studio Singapore.

Everland more specific for children because the rides was too soft and the most hideous ride was T-Express, the steepest roller coaster in the world.
so, for me who stand in the middle between soft and hideous found only few rides that excites me.

but one thing i remembered the most was because it was spring, there are many flowers and it smells so nice.
before we could find any rides to ride on, first we had our lunch. to saves some money, we brought our lunch and ate them in the park, like a picnic. it was nice :)

our first mission was to looked for the Haunted Mansion ride (don't forget to grabbed Everland Map on your way in). at first i was hesitant to go inside because i thought it was like some kinda ghost will scare you but i was wrong. it was a good ride with a moving vehicle and a laser gun to shoot at the ghost. more like Istana Boneka in Dunia Fantasi Jakarta but picture the cute looking doll in monster kinda look.

when we got out from that ride, we saw a Prayer Room.
and after we did our prayer we headed to T-Express, the steepest roller coaster. its not me who ride that rides, i was just a good bag attendant :)

and after just a few rides, we continue our walked to the safari part.
you'll see the safari part more in my video on my next post.

and it was 6 p.m when the weather dropped until i couldn't feel my hand and we decided to go home in the same way we reached Everland.

tomorrow will be our last full day in Seoul but we didn't yet go to N Seoul Tower. so there we go.

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