Monday, May 8, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 5

Monday, April 24th 2017

it was Monday means we were went to Nami Island. Yay!!
here it comes the tricky part because we had to transit and wait for a shuttle bus and crossed the Han River to got to Nami Island.

from Hongik University Station we took Gyeongui-Jugang line, took train to Sogang University Station and off at Sangbong Station and then transit to Gyeong-Chun line, took train to Mangu Station and off at Gapyeong Station. but we were not at Nami Island yet.
we need to took a shuttle bus (that won't depart until it full house, like literally because we were standing, all the way from Gapyeong Station to Gapyeong Wharf) which we need to pay for 3.000 won each person. this bus can took us around without further paid, just keep your ticket and show it to the driver when you ride with the bus.

after the bus arrived at Gapyeong Wharf, we need to crossed the Han River.
at this point, we can chose to crossed the river with zip ware (for this you need to pay around 10.000 won per person) or using ferry (for this you need to pay 8.000 won per person). again, we chose the latter.
before boarded the ferry, but first took selfie with the cherry blossom

i wasn't expect this much of person at Nami Island, moreover on a weekday.
but since we were here, all can we did was enjoy the Nami Island.
Nami Island started its own stardom since Winter Sonata which a drama i didn't watched and didn't plan to. there are many spots that marked that drama on this island, like the spot where they had their first kissed, spot where you can took picture with the drama poster and the drama lead actors statue. everything about this island is screaming winter sonata.

but this island also special to Muslim travelers, since on this island we can easily find halal restaurant and mosque.
the most picturesque spot was rows of trees as far as you can see, i bet this perspective will be even greater on fall.

feel satisfied with Nami Island, we continue our trip to Petite France.
with the same bus as before we ride to Petite France, but before the bus arrived we were waited for the bus almost an hour. so, my tips for you is to captured the bus time arrival and make sure to be there at the bus stop, so that you won't wait too long.

to go inside to Petite France, you need to pay another 8.000 won.
but we chose not to went inside Petite France because as like i saw on Running Man and K-Drama My Love From The Stars, Petite France is more like model house in the France and the most reason that made us didn't went into Petite France was the number of stairs we need to climbed inside this location :(

and Petite France was the last stop of the day. knew that our way home was took 2 hours, so at 5 p.m we headed to Hongik University Station.
but there was a kinda creepy story on our back home.
at Gapyeong Station when we waited our train to Sangbong, there was a old woman that approached me and asked which train to sangbong (she asked in Korean). she was asked in kinda screaming tone and she was kinda drunk because after she talked to me, she talked by herself. and she sat on the bench next to my friend, she said that old woman was smell sour.
when the train come, the old lady looked me and screamed "Sangbong". i thought she was tried to told me that, that train bound for Sangbong. and we all boarded the train.

and after we on the train bound to Sinchon Station (because we need to go to Hyundai Department Store to bought ginseng extract. Sinchon Station was in the same line with Hongdae Station), after transit to Gyeongui-Jugang line, there was a young boy who sat on the floor of the train and in front of him there were a cup and a bottle (i didn't what inside the bottle and the cup). he sat there, talked by himself (again) but everybody tried to avoid him.

so, what my friend told me before i went to Seoul was true. he said i need to be careful in Seoul because there were many people in Seoul like to drink and when they drunk, they drunk in any places and any time.

so, yeah. that was my 5th day in Seoul. tomorrow we headed out to Everland. Yay!! 

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