Friday, May 5, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 4

Sunday, April 23rd 2017

it was sunny Sunday and one of my friend wanted to go to church. so, we go to Yoido Full Gospel Church. she said there was a service at 11 a.m but we got off the room at 10 a.m so, she said she would be on the 1 p.m service.

from Hongik University station we took train towards Hapjeong and got off at Dangsan, transit here and took line 9 to National Assembly Station exit 1. at the left from the exit gate, we were saw the Korean National Assembly but to the Yoido Full Gospel Curch we were walked straight for about 5 minutes and at the end of the street we saw a grand building with a cross at front
outfit: Unbranded black square; Unbranded tee; Gift red jacket; Lee Cooper ripped jeans; Nikicio black legging inside the jeans; Lacoste red tote bag; Wakai red shoes

before she went inside the church, we were hanging around at the nearest cafe. at the time she need to attended the service, me and my other friend went to explore Yeouido because it was near to the Han River and in Yeouido there are many cherry blossom trees but unfortunately at the time we arrived in Seoul, the cherry blossoms starts to fallen off. how sad :(
but no matter what, we still need to checked out Han River. so, we back to National Assembly Station we just need to go to the next station which is Yeouido Station exit 1 and crossed the street, we saw the famous Han River Park.

the park was so crowded. i reckon because it was Sunday and it was warmer than the day before.

but something bad happened.
my friend need to went to the bathroom but she required the wet bathroom which were in our room. so, from Yeouido station we took train to Dangsan and transferred to line 2 and got off at Hongik University Station.
and as for my other friend, after the service ended she went by herself to BoA Travel House :)

after that we ate our lunch at BoA Restaurant. we ordered dakgalbi with half chicken but even though it was half but still it was too much for the three of us.

after lunch we headed to Myeongdong, the heaven for beauty lovers like we are.
from Hongik University Station we took train on the Airport Railroad line to Seoul Station, from Seoul Station we transit to line 4 and took train to Myeongdong Station and took exit 1.

as soon as we got out from the subway, we greeted by the giant building of Nature Republic on our left side. with no hesitation, we entered that building and we got carried away, all the way until we found Line Friends Store and we gave up at 9 p.m because our feet was hurting and we were quite thirsty and hungry. so we stopped at a cafe to straighten our feet.

and it was 10 p.m by the time we were back at our room. we washed up and eat at the common kitchen and went to bed. it was a long day but tomorrow we got another long day because we were went to Nami Island. Yaaay!!

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