Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 2

Friday, April 21st 2017

our first stop was Changdokgung Palace.
from Hongik University Station (line 2), we were transit at Euljiro Sam-ga and change to line 3, stop at Anguk station exit 3.
outfit: Unbranded fuchsia square; C3 black basic tee; Gift red jacket; Unbranded aztec skirt; Wakai shoes

not far from exit 3, there was a hanbok rental shop but we didn't notice it, so we didn't enter the palace in hanbok. but you can either use hanbok for free entry to any palaces or paid the entry fee for 3.000 won each person.

inside the Changdokgung, there are secret garden that we can't enter on our own, we must to enter secret garden with a guide. you can choose 4 languages guide (English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese)  but there were time for each guide.
originally, we want wait for English guide time but the lady on the ticket booth said that we can enter now to tag along with the Chinese guide, so we tag along the Chinese guide but we were hanging around alone.
for enter the Secret Garden, you need to pay 5.000 won.

next stop, we headed to Bukchon Hanok Village.
from Changdokgung, we headed back to the Anguk Station but this time we exit from exit 2, walk straight about 5 minutes and we found Bukchon area.
but before we explored the Bukchon Hanok Village, we were in the quest for Samgyetang.
the area we walked in, we found two Samgyetang restaurant but we chose the one near the main street.

Samgyetang is Korean ginseng chicken stuffed with rice inside. when they gave us the samgyetang, they also gave us 3 types of banchan (side dish) which were garlic kimchi, cabbage kimchi and radish kimchi.
the funny thing when we ordered these are we used Konglish (Korean English). hahaha. thank god, i've learn Korean for a bit, so i understand what the waitress said but i can't answered her in Korean, so i used English instead :)

finally, we were ready to enter the Bukchon Hanok Village.
there was a traditional perfume store, called Grand Hand but i didn't get anything because i was too distracted and confused to chose anything.
not far from the Grand Hand store, we found a bunch of Hanok (Korean traditional house). this is private accommodation, so we need to keep quite while exploring this neighborhood.

walk around Bukchon, we arrieved in Samchongdong but to be honest, we were wanna go to Insadong because Insadong are the place where we can find anything traditional, even Starbucks in Insadong writes in hangul, Korean alphabet.
so, from Samchongdong, we looked for an information center. this kind of center you can find in any tourist attraction in Seoul and they were 2 people in red shirt with initial I on the back. they said, from Samchongdong to Insadong, was around 10 minutes by walking

all the way from Samchongdong to Insadong, we were found many beautiful flowers on the street. the most i loved was daisy and tulips. yes, we found tulips in Seoul.
at Insadong, we were found a tenant that can speak Bahasa, so it was made us easy to bargain the price.

that was our 2nd day in Seoul. we never want to stay out late because the subway closed at 10 p.m everyday.

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