Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 1

Wednesday, April 19th 2017

boarding the Garuda Indonesia at 10.30 p.m, it was 6 good hours flight plus 2 hours time difference between Jakarta and Seoul, so 8 good hours i was on the air and also it was mean an overnight flight so, i chose to dress just the way i wanna sleep. hahaha. but believe me, it was all comfortable :)
outfit: Shofiyyah green flower square; Ken Kid Shop tee; Malioboro joger pants; Brickenstock sandal

Thursday, April 20th 2017

our first full day in Seoul. Yaaay!!
after arrived at the Incheon International Airport we greeted with chill. it was 12 degrees Celsius. thank god, i still can bear the chill as long as i was indoor :)

after got out of the aircraft, our first quest was find the immigration. from the arriving hall to the immigration hall, we need to board an unmanned trains. and the immigration line in Incheon International Airport was insanely long but organized and in order.

our second quest after immigration was find our luggage. just down one floor after you got your passport stamped and you see the conveyor belt that carried our luggage out from the aircraft. but please keep in mind, to check the monitor to find out in which conveyor belt your luggage are because in Incheon International Airport there were over than 20 conveyor belts.

after we got our luggage the first thing i did was switch my sandal to shoes and put my contact lens on (for a better vision).
outfit: Shofiyyah green flower square; Ken Kid Shop tee; Gift red Jacket; Malioboro joger pants; Wakai shoes; Lacoste red bag; American Tourister 4-wheeled suitcase

our quest within the airport not over yet. we need to find the booth of LG U+
that is one of South Korea mobile provider which was partner up with Garuda Indonesia to provide Garuda Indonesia's passengers with 50% off if we wanna rent their wifi egg (what is wifi egg? i'll explain about it in Prepare For Traveling in Seoul post)
so, why not chose that had discount?!

there are 2 LG U+ booths in Incheon International Airport. one in between gate 5 and 6, another one is between gate 9 and 10 on the first floor of the airport. we chose the one between gate 5 and 6 because it was nearer from where we were.

done with wifi egg, now we need our T-money to help us around Seoul with public transportation.
near to the LG U+ booth there was a minimart called C U, we can buy and top up T-money there. so, there we go.

now, we were all set and ready to explore Seoul further more.

before we head downtown, we need to looked for the train station that brought us to Hongik University a.k.a Hongdae (stand for Hongik Daehakyo) Station. so, still from near to LG U+ booth we need to go down one floor and across to the next building (indoor crossing) and you'll find different options to go downtown.
you can ride airport bus or taxi, maglev train or just the all-stop train (Airport Railroad). we chose the latter because we arrived at 8.30 a.m and our check in time was 3.00 p.m so, we were not in hurry:)

Incheon International Airport and Hongik University Station is in the same subway line which mean from/to Incheon International Airport Station we didn't need to switch line, that is one of many reasons we chose to stay at Hongdae area.
once we in the train, we saw many oppas in their military uniform and as i saw that, i realized South Korean boys are taller than they looked in the drama :)

from the airport to the hongdae station was a good hour eventho we didn't switch the subway line. once we arrived at hongdae station, we got out from exit 4 that took us to BoA Travel House.
since we can't checked in yet, we just put our luggage and had our brunch at the BoA restaurant which is a halal restaurant.

we had our first meal in Seoul :)

after that meal, we realized that Korean meal portion for each of us was too much and we came to an agreement to just order two portions of meal and share for the three of us :)

after the meal, we decided to checked out Hongdae area.

go out from Hongdae Station exit 9 or stop at Sinchon Station and go out from exit 1 if you wanna go nearer to the hippest area of Hongdae. remember to prepare your foot when you in Seoul because you will do a lot of walking, since from exit 4 (where BoA Travel House is) to exit 9 was over than 1 kilometer. and the cold air worsen the feeling.

after we got out from exit 9, we saw bunch of Korean beauty store. they were offered insane different products with insane price (compare to price in Indonesia). i was almost bought all of them and then i realized it was just the first day, we had 7 days to go in Seoul. don't wasted your money in one place.

after walking a couple blocks, i got cramps. it was because the cold (as tropical person, i can't really stand the cold and the cold gave me cramps at both of my toes), so we decided to go back to BoA Travel House since it was almost 5 pm.

and after we checked in, we didn't go out. we ate dinner with what we prepared from Jakarta (dishes in cans and ate them in the common kitchen) and crashed out our bed.
so, just like that our first full day in Seoul went by :)


  1. Seru banget kak, noted banget soal "Jalan Kaki" dan "Jangan Keburu Nafsu Belanja" hahaha....ditunggu lanjutannya ya, gemessshhh

    *note : oppa korea ga dibawa pulang satu apa 😂😂😂

    1. lanjutannya udah ada, kaka...tapi barus sampe hari ke 5. hehehehe