Thursday, May 18, 2017

Preparation for a Week in Seoul

i believe some of us really wanna bring everything in your room to wherever you go but in the reality, you cannot do that, so you need some preparation to be prepare where ever you are.

this was my first time went to Seoul but since i love to watch K-Drama and Korean vloggers, i feel like i know which places that are the Korea main destination but the problem is i don't know how to get there, so i went on preparation like i usually did in any of my travel, they are:

1. write an itinerary
on any of my trip, whether is far or not, whether is long trip or not, i usually always write an itinerary. it include: time and date, destination, how to get there and expenses may come and for myself, i need to include what to wear.

for this trip, i write most of main destination in Seoul but to fill in the "how to get there" and "expenses" part i need to do the second preparation, which is internet browsing.

2. internet browsing
to fill the blank spot in my itinerary, i usually check out the tourism website of my destination country.

in Korea there is Visit Korea website. i checked the weather when i got to Seoul use this web and if the website didn't provide in how to get there, i usually checked out several travel blog.
and from this activity, i know about some useful apps and i got discount for my tickets to Everland and also i come across to the discount information to wifi egg rental special for Garuda Indonesia passengers.

wifi egg is a device that provide wifi throughout your trip in Korea. in Indonesia we called wifi modem 

3. download useful apps
from the activity number 2, i know that Korea has many lines in their subway system, that is why a blog recommended to downloaded the Korea Subway app to help me in to get to the destination in my itinerary.
the apps told us how many hours our trip from our guesthouse to our destination, it also told us which line we should took and how many transfer we need to made.
but the most important is the apps in English :)

and i also downloaded Seoul Pass because it provided discount tickets to many tourist attractions in Seoul. from this app we got our discount tickets for Everland.

4. plan the outfit
from the activity number 2, i can tell that Seoul still in freezing weather, so i plan my outfit full of cardigan and layering inside and also to plan your outfit for a trip avoided you to over bring your outfit and you don't have room for souvenirs in the end of your trip.

to know how to minimize your luggage but still useful you can check my post on to create capsule wardrobe here 

so, that was all i do in repeat until i sure what to do in Seoul. Happy Holiday!

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