Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Skin Care: Hada Labo Shirojyun Starter Kit

i have a normal to dry skin type with hyper pigmentation and dullness as skin concern, that is why i gravitate towards brightening products nowadays.

i've been using this Hada Labo Shirojyun Starter Kit for 3 weeks and i can say that i love the way make my skin look. on the starter kit, there are three products with 20 ml worth of weights in each products and they are:

1. Face Wash
the texture is creamy and didn't have much foam compare to my Wardah White Secret Face Wash.
but at the first time use this, i catch a little bit tiny chemical scent, because Hada Labo have campaign about Perfect x Simple which means they not adding unnecessary ingredients but that doesn't mean the product didn't perfect.

i use this face wash as second cleanser, so to be honest i didn't notice whether it completely remove the dirt on my face or not. but all i know that this face wash didn't leave a stretch and tight feeling after using.

2. Lotion
don't be confused, lotion is not the one you put on your hand and body.
in Japan, lotion refer to toner. the texture like toner, light-weighted like toner and clear like toner.
on the instruction says that you have to use cotton pad to apply on your skin but i like apply this lotion with my hand and gently tap tap my face to make sure that the product sink in to my skin.

like i said before, i have normal-dry skin, so the acid that works for me is hyaluronic acid because hyaluronic acid is proven to moisturize the skin and also maintaining the skin moisture
the good news is, this lotion include hyaluronic acid and also vitamin C which proven to brighten the skin.

3. Milk
like the name itself, it like milk. white, watery and runny.
at first time apply the milk there a bit sticky feeling but disapper after a while.
at first time using this, i used at night and the next morning i woke up i feel like my face bit elastic and moist.

but if you seek to be bright the next morning its impossible since skincare need process but if you commit to using this product and add some other product, i guess a bright skin wouldn't be so impossible.

for the whole face, it only took 3-4 drops, so i can imagine that 20 ml will last me 6 months (maybe) and it really worth to try because it affordable, it easy to access and it works (if you commit and consistent to use it) :)

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