Monday, January 23, 2017

My Desk Tour

as a lecturer, i got my own desk at the faculty room but to be frank, i use that desk only when i come to the campus to teach and waiting for the next class to start. so, to complete all my tasks, i setup my own working space in my own personal room at home.

on this desk, i did everything from scoring my students homework to their final exam, from preparing course material to preparing quizzes, from editing photo and video to counting the income of my two online shop, from planning content for this blog to posting it. i did all of that in this desk.

it was on the corner of my room, next to the two windows and a stained glass. so, you can imagine the natural lighting when its hit this corner.
i choose not to use chair so that i can stretch my legs when i working, but to make me sit comfortably, i use tatami mats and a couple cushion which is my handmade :)

so, in my left there is a red folding table, i got from Informa near my home which i put my glass (a gift from a best friend), my snack and my DIY binder planner on top
and sticking on the wall, i got a Post-It time table, to keep me informed of my to do list and my appointment, my few favorite items (polaroid pic, union jack, quotes from Indonesian Hijab Blogger event and MICE sticker and also my prescribed glasses)
and in the back of the table, there is a tripod :)

now, on my main table.
it was an old table that my mom used to use for our living room table but when she bought new set of couch, she ditch the table and i think i can make good of that table.
 i recently purchased the laptop since my old laptop use to switch off on me :( and i choose red to match my folding table :)
just like any other working table, there were always calendar and set of stationery but i also add pictures of me and my friends and a The Body Shop hand cream, since my hand gets dry often.

underneath the table, there are couple books and a zipper bag of papers for my online shop concerns.

so, yeah. that's my lovely working space.
i love it so much but i plan to bring my working space games to a whole new level.

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