Friday, January 20, 2017

Giving Back While You're Shopping

have you ever thought that you able to giving back and online shopping at the same time?
well, now you can.

let me introduce you with derrma which launched on Friday, January 13th 2017.
derrma is Indonesia's first website-based market place that allow you as buyer to giving back to the designated humanity foundation and also allow seller to choose how much you wanna giving back from 1% until 100% of your selling price to your chosen humanity foundation.

to be able to giving back and shopping at Derrma, like other market place you have to choose which category you wanna see. it have sub menu on the top of your web browser. the sub menu is vary. from books to electronic to fashion and its accessories to film, music and game.

but unlike any other market place, at Derrma you can see how much the seller will be donate from the goods they sell and also you as buyers or sellers can viewed directly the nominal amount of contributors and Derrma ensure transparency of all donation that it received.

right now, at Derrma you can buy goods from Afgan, Rossa, Ricky Harun, Dimas Anggara and Andien

for you who love online shopping, don't feel guilt anymore. you can shopping but also giving back without cash and help those who in need, just by shopping through Derrma.

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