Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Long Weekend Gateaway: Tasikmalaya Day 5 and Day 6

this would be our day spent at Batu Karas Beach.
it was rain all day, so we just went out from our airbnb house almost at noon but no regret tho.

inhaling the nice beach air was relieving.

Day 5
Tuesday, 13th December 2016

not much that i can tell you about this beach beside it was still virgin.
well, not that virgin. i saw more international tourist than domestic tourist on this beach. maybe its still virgin for domestic tourist because we more interested in Green Canyon which near to this beach.

we spend our night at our airbnb home called Gubug Cinta.
it was an interesting place for three girls spend the night because there was nothing we can lock and we literally sleep in the kaleyard :)
and for the first time, i saw fireflies and that, my friend, was the highlight of the trip because as a city girl (born and raised in Jakarta) i never saw a firefly in my life, so i grateful to took this trip and stay at this airbnb home.
for detail of our airbnb home and our day at Batu Karas Beach you can watch my video below.

at Batu Karas Beach, the sand is soft and the wave is friendly for the one who learn for surfing.
there were a surfing competition on this day. so, all we did was watching the surfing competition until noon, and then eat lunch and leave for Tasikmalaya by bus and spend another night at the train to Jakarta.

and the day 6 we arrived at Pasar Senen Station at 5 am.
and just like that, our long weekend trip to Tasikmalaya ends on Wednesday, 14th December 2016.

looking forward to another trip next year :) 

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