Monday, December 26, 2016

Long Weekend Gateaway: Tasikmalaya Day 4

this would be a beach/water day.
from sindangkerta beach to batu karas beach to Dengdeng waterfall. it was all within Tasikmalaya region.

to be remember, even all the sites we visited was a virgin sites but still the local government supervise the sites eventho not so maximal yet because the traveler still few.
but to help the local government to maintain the sites there are entrance tickets in every sites but not necessarily an extortion.

Day 4
Monday, 12th December 2016

since these particular destination was a bit far from the bride's home, so we decided to start the day at 6 am.
after ask for leave to the bride's parents and the bride herself, we took off to Batu Karas Beach as the main destination but via sindangkerta beach and dengdeng waterfall (a great way, isn't it?)

after drive for almost 2 hours, we decided to took breakfast.
but for this one, i didn't feel something special, so just skip it :)

for another hours, we took a nap and finally we reached Sindangkerta Beach.
its really a virgin beach where just a little tourist surround this area.
whenever its low tide, the coral reef was surface, so we can walk all the way to the central coast.
although its not low tide when i was there but i can still walk upon the coral reef but not really far from the shore.

 next stop was Dengdeng Waterfall.
this particular site was not many knows but Google Map knows, so we got to the site because Google Map told us where to go. hahaha

the road to there wasn't really well. i mean its still narrow and not asphalt road but still not make us discouraged because we know that the site is more virgin than Sindangkerta Beach.

as we arrived at Batu Karas Beach it was noon and we set ourselves at our home for the night.
and for details about Batu Karas Beach will on my next post.

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