Monday, December 19, 2016

Long Weekend Gateaway: Tasikmalaya Day 3

this would be the day i catch a cold and cough (and remain there until i write this post).
i like to call this day as mountain day because our main destination was mountain and walk hundreds of stairs :(

Day 3
Sunday, 11th December 2016

we started the day on 8 am.
with a help from the bride, we got a driver to drive us to our destinations today, which is Kampung Naga and Mount Galunggung. but before we got into our main destination, we got breakfast first.
our choice was Kupat Tahu Mangunreja.

it was my first ever tasted kupat tahu but i expect the peanut sauce was more like ketoprak but from what i tested, it was like sate padang. but in the good way.

our first main stop was Kampung Naga.
according to wikipedia, Kampung Naga is a village which is inhabited by a community in a very strong tradition of holding the remainder ancestors. The differences are visible when compared with other communities outside Kampung Naga. The community are living in the framework of an atmosphere in a traditional simplicity and environmental wisdom.

the location is bit off from the main road of Tasikmalaya, even after we arrived, we didn't quite saw what's in there but we have to walked up a bit and then walked down the stairs and voila....we saw this picture perfect

when we finished admiring the scenery, we have to climbed up the stairs and it killed me :(
but very satisfying.

next stop was Mount Galunggung.
on the trip from Kampung Naga to Mount Galunggung, we had our nap because it was really tired to climbed almost a hundred stairs in Kampung Naga and i was kinda hope to able to walked up just like i did in Mount Kelud, but in Mount Galunggung was stairs and it have almost 600 stairs if you want to able to saw the main attraction, which is the mount's crater.

Mount Galunggung last erupted at 1980's but there are some homes left over and not rebuild, makes me feel goosebumps to think the horror when the disaster happened.

it was rain when we arrived at the sites and become more heavy as we climbed the stairs but stop when we halfway climbed up that is why my pictures seem so gloomy.

beside mount's crater, there is also a hot spring. but we choose not to enter the hot spring because it was too crowded, so we choose to have lunch in a restaurant near to the hot spring.

and after lunch, we didn't have any energy left after climbed 600 stairs, so we decided to went back to our room. after arrived in the room, i started to sneezing and not long after sneezing continuously, i started coughing :( but our adventure not ended yet.

our adventure in day 4 will be explain in my next post.

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