Friday, December 16, 2016

Long Weekend Gateaway: Tasikmalaya Day 1 & 2

first and foremost, i took this trip because of my friend have a wedding ceremony in her hometown, Tasikmalaya.
frankly, i never thought to have trip to Tasikmalaya even when it got the famous Green Canyon but i am not regret whatsoever had went to Tasikmalaya.

Day 1
Friday, 9th December 2016
from Jakarta, we (me and other 2 friends) depart on Friday, December 9th at 9.00 am from Pasar Senen Station.
we arrived at Pasar Senen Station exactly at 9.00 am, just after the train itself arrived at the station.
with a little bit running across the station, finally we sitting comfortably on our sit and our ETA was 15.30 pm, so the trip took 6,5 hours.

arrived in Tasikmalaya, rain welcomed us and we give ourselves a warm by eating from the food stall in front of the station.
it was just a ketropak and meatball but like seriously, the meat ball was the bomb! tasted so good.

after the rain stop falling, we took becak to the bride's home.
it was so nice to ride becak, since there no longer becak hanging around Jakarta :)

the bride was in the middle of Pengajian when we arrived. so, yeah. we kinda a burden :)
after waiting for a while, the bride finally come home and she showed our room to sleep in for the next 3 nights, because on the fourth night she will be leaving for Jogjakarta (she gonna live there, so yeah, i have a reason to visit Jogjakarta) and we gonna switch our room to airbnb room at Batu Karas Beach (for detail will be on the next post).

and after it gets dark, we get hungry. so we went to Mie Baso Laksana. hail to technology, even without the bride we made it to the famous meat ball place with motorcycle.
a meat ball place which very expensive but tasted much good than what we had in front of train station.
we ordered 3 different meals and it costs us Rp 155.000. most expensive meat ball i ever got.

if you curious about Mie Baso Laksana, go googled it because i am not expert in food. for me all food is good. hahaha but this one is super good, like seriously.

and just like that, our first night at Tasikmalaya went by.

Day 2
Saturday, 10th December 2016
its the D-day. its my friend's wedding day.
we woke up at 6 am, because the akad nikah was on 8 am.

we walked to the mosque where the akad nikah took place and it was a beautiful akad nikah, where the dowry is just as simple but meaningful as holy verses of the Quran.

like any other wedding, after the akad nikah there was a reception ceremony which took place on other building near to the bride's home but we have to took a car to get there.
and after the wedding reception, we went back to our room for a nap time (yeah, i know. supposed there is no nap time when you traveling).

and when the night come, the bride took us and many of her friends from her almamater to have dinner at Asep Stroberi which shortened Astro.

a sundanese restaurant but with strawberry kinda gate.
apparently, its increasingly getting crowded at night, because other restaurant has closed.
besides the sundanese food, it also sell goods specially from Tasikmalaya. from Baso Goreng to t-shirts.

and our second night ends here.

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