Monday, December 5, 2016

Does Moslem Discover America?

that is the very question that being asked on the movie poster of Bulan Terbelah di Langit Amerika 2.
was it Columbus arrived after moslem arrived at America? so, who is the discoverer of America?

as part of Indonesian Hijab Blogger i got a chance to attended the Gala Premier on December 3rd 2016 at XXI Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.
so, just begin the movie review.

if you watched the first movie (if you not, you can read my review here), you will remember how the movie gives you goosebumps every time they told us about the secret of Islam in America.
fortunately, the second movie do the same thing (at least for me it is).

Hanum (played by Acha Septriasa) get another assignment from his boss to find evidence that Moslem are the discoverer of America. evidence that Moslem Hui from China arrived in America before Columbus.
in order to find that evidence, Hanum accompanied by Rangga, her husband have to go to San Francisco.
in San Francisco, Hanum meet the descendants of Moslem Hui that took refugee in America because they got genocide on their own country. and they said, they got the evidence of Islam in America, evidence of Cheng Ho arrived before Columbus.

what is the evidence? and is that really Moslem discover America?
you can get the answer to that on the movie which release for public on December 8th, 2016

in between the main story, we got another drama between family and lover whose tear apart because a misunderstanding and we got the message that Islam is peace and Rahmatan Lil'Alamin.

and once again, i fall in love all over again with Islam. and i hope you do too when you watch this move.


  1. Dramanya dapet yesss.. Lumayan terhibur karena tingkah Stefan.

    1. iya dramanya azima hussein sama ibunya. bercucuran air mata T_T

  2. Wah kak ayes pakai bahasa inggris :) keren dan nit banget ka :D hana juga seneng ketemu kakak dan ngobrol soal harpot. Semoga bisa ngobrol lagi ya :)

    1. hahahaha...bahasa inggris seadanya, biar gak tambah jelek nilai bahasanya klo gak dipake kelamaan. aku paling antusias klo ngomongin harpot jd seneng ngobrol ama hana yg jg doyan baca buku. hehehe

  3. The movie is like a snow in the sahara for me. We must show to the world that Islam is peace. I am sad with the arrogant people who bring up Islam in their irrelevant behaviour :(

  4. Aku juga nangis seember tiap ibunya Azima muncul ToT

  5. setiap nonton film-film semacam ini, senangnya bisa nambah nilai kecintaan terhadap Islam yaaa... aku ngerasain bgt setelah nonton BTDLA 1.

  6. I'm really enjoy the movie. The story in this movie is great. So recommended to watch BTLA2.