Friday, November 11, 2016

Review Local Lip Cream

i am so thrill to find out that so much lip cream which is local product that dominated in local market.
so, i tried and tested almost all of them. why almost?
because i still can't get my hands on one or two of them because they always sold out when i went to their website (they only sell it online) or even worse, i can't find them online (even if it online, i can't find the official website) or offline.

before we jump into the product review, lets find out what is lip cream itself.
ingredients and effects offered in lip cream is generally the same as lipstick. but the different is lipstick is in a solid form meanwhile lip cream is in a liquid form.
however, lip cream is not the same as lip gloss. in contrary to the lip gloss that tend to make glossy finish but lip cream can give a matte or semi-matte (satin) finish.

now, lets start with the review.
on my hands, i got 4 local lip cream but i only have one color of each product (just enough for my daily use). the product is Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream, Rollover Reaction Lip & Cheek Cream, Emina Creamatte and Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream.
so, three of them are sister brand and one of them are the new but awesome player.

1. Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream
from the packaging, it is the tallest of them all with 4 gram worth of weight and with opening wide open, you can have too much of product on your applicator.

on the pigmentation, finishing and scent. it is very pigmented (what you see is what you got) and in my case, i have Berry Pretty color in number 10. it is a little transferable when its not dry yet, which is very understandable because once it dry it will be dead matte and not vanish unless you eat something greasy and oily.

you will pick up smell something like chemical smell but you will not really notice if you put it straight on to your lips.

2. Rollover Reaction Lip & Cheek Cream
this product have been in my wishlist for ages, because it always sold out when i reach in to the website and after i got this lip cream in Sueded series in color Saddie, they release new series which is Clique series in color which inspire from the 90's stars :(

it have 5,5 gram worth of weight in square finishing frosted (i love the packaging) with applicator similar to the other lip cream product. 

the formula is little bit watery when its first apply and you'll instantly pick up cookie cream scent (as for me is lovely just because i have a sweet tooth). its not really transferable when you try to blend the product by put your lips together but it will transfer to the cup when you drink and it will be vanish when you eat and have to reapply.

and according to the name, it can be blush cream also. it easy to blend on cheek before or after using face powder and it last long too.

3. Emina Creamatte
it is the latest, it is Wardah sister brand and it is the cheapest of them all.
i got in Tumbleweed color which have kinda orange-y color, unlike my other lip product which always in pink shade.

it have 5,5 gram worth of weight (small bottle but have weight more than Wardah Exclusive Matte) with creamy texture and lovely packaging that fit to its market, which is teenager.

first time i got, i was not feeling well but i have to go to the campus to teach, without any make up on, i put this on my lips and it really transform my pale face into fresh face.
and after i got home, i thought the product will vanish from my lips, turns out it still there just like the first time i apply it. awesome!

its cheap, its pigmented, its last long and its have lovely packaging.

4. Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream
when the hype of matte lipstick strike, the first product i tried was Make Over Ultra Hi Matte Lipstick and my already-dry lips got even dryer when i used the Make Over Ultra Hi Matte Lipstick.

i was scared to try their new Lip Cream but i am curious, so i just decided to give it a try their Intense Matte Lip Cream in color Scarlet (almost the same color like my Make Over Ultra Hi Matte Lipstick) and turns out it was not "give it a try" but it was "worth to try".

it is worth 6.5 gram of weight (heavier of them all) with standard applicator like other lip cream.
it has square glossy finishing bottle that look clean and simple.

just like its sister, Emina, Make Over also have creamy texture. a while after apply the product, i feel like i don't use any lip cream, it is light but pigmented.
after lunch, i usually reapply lip product on to my lips but when i using this, i never reapply even after i have big lunch :)

so, which lip cream the best for you? its depend on your budget and your need but all is good as long as it local product because we as Indonesians have to be proud with our local product and support it :)

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