Sunday, October 23, 2016

Skin Care: Votre Peau Vit. C Serum

its been one month since i purchased this local skin care. and sadly, i don't feel any changing in my skin since then :(
is it because i use it wrong or ...? i don't know

anyway, this is how i use this product:
after i cleanse my face, i used toner and then i put two pumps of the product on to my fingers and rub it in on my face, after this product i put moisturizer. (this method is for day and night skincare routine)
and if i used sheet mask, i put the product after i used the sheet mask.

well, the bright side is the product smell really nice, citrus kinda smell. doesn't really bother but rather calming. and the bottle is glass with dark color to prevent product damage from the sun rays.
it has 30 ml and little goes along way, with price IDR 220.000 (with that price and with that size of bottle, i guess i got a lot). i purchased this online on their web (click here)

but unfortunately, being cheap and big size doesn't enough for me because i need something to reduce my acne scars :(

but i really proud to use this product since its local product and i try my best to support local products in any kind of products. so, hail local products! :)

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