Friday, September 30, 2016

Skin Care Routine: 10 Steps of Korean Skin Care

you may know (or perhaps participate in) the hype of BB creams few years back and now BB cushions. those are one of Korean wave or hallyu in beauty or people called as K-beauty.
BB creams and cushions are one of many products that produce that glowing look that we see in all Korean dramas or even in the Korean streets.

with the time goes by, so many people attracted in K-beauty (including me. hehe) but not only attracted to their make up but also attracted to how they caring their skin (because skincare are investment). and Korean skincare is famous for 10 steps skin care routine.

according to the steps are:

1. Make up remover or oil cleanser
oil cleanser is oil based cleanser that you can apply over your dry skin. it helps to get rid of make up and the dirt. the brand that famous for oil cleanser is Banila Co. the Clean It Zero.

2. Water based cleanser
Korean skincare famous for double cleansing. after using oil based cleanser, they tend to clean their face again with water based cleanser. it will whisk away any residue from the oil cleanser.

3. Exfoliation
there are two ways to exfoliate, which are chemical exfoliate or natural exfoliate.
chemical exfoliate is exfoliation with chemical substance such glycolid acid or lactic acid meanwhile, natural exfoliate is exfoliation with natural substance such sugar, salt and oats.
because Korean skincare more concern in natural ingredients, they tend to use natural exfoliation in their product's ingredients.
up to twice a week, gently massage an exfoliate into your skin for smoothest skin. the brand that famous for exfoliation is Skin Food.

4. Toner
toner means to restore balance to your skin after the cleansing process and i bet you know about double toning, right? after double cleansing, double toning is now hype in the beauty world.
the first toner you use is exfoliating toner and the second one is hydrating toner.
but in my own interpretation, the toning step in Korean skincare is the hydrating toner because you already exfoliate your skin with some kind of masks exfoliator and you wanna calm your skin down with hydrating toner.
the toner that people talked about is Beauty Water from Son & Park.

5. Sheet masks
sheet masking is the soul of Korean skincare because like we all know that sheet masks famously from Korea. like literally, Korean women use face masks in their daily basis. they can wear it while driving to the office or while watching tv.
once or twice a week is enough but there are 7 days sheet masks challenge shows you that there's no such thing as overdoing sheet mask.

6. Essence
essence is the heart of Korean skincare routine. essence is kind of toner and serum hybrid made for hydrating and aiding skin repair and cell turnover. used it with your hands and pat it in.

7. Booster, Serum and Ampoule
this step can bit confusing because there are many kind of citation for this kind of step these days. there are so-called booster, serum, and ampoule
booster serves to provide additional nutrients skin needed and prepares the skin to takein skincare products that will be used after. the texture is too diverse, such as liquid, bit dense, even gel.
serum concentrations of the active ingredients is higher than booster. each serum contains targeted to the needs of the skin more specific, such as a serum containing vitamin C to brighten the skin, or serum containing snail extract which is known to improve skin structure and minimize pores.
ampoule is known as a product that has the highest concentration of active ingredients. The size is usually the smallest and most liquid-y when compared to serum and essence that so easy to absorb.

8. Eye cream
the skin in the eye area is more delicate and should be treated like fragile.
use your ring finger without over pressure tap and don't rub around the eyes and avoiding waterline.

9. Moisturizer
morning and evening, use moisturizer all over the face and neck and once a week use sleeping pack because hydrated skin is the key to the dewy glowing skin.

10. Sun protection
sun protection are the best we can do to prevent premature aging. even if your activity are indoor you can still expose to the sunlight.
but this step only happen in morning skincare routine. for night skincare routine, you are all set until the step 9.

well, i tried to use the 10 Step Korean Skin Care and picture above is what soko glam advice for normal skin (with little bit improvement) but i am not using all of them.
to see what i use for my Korean Skin Care regime, wait for the next post. until then, bye! :)

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