Thursday, September 29, 2016

a Weekend Gateaway to Bandung Day 2

day 2 quite short because we're gonna face the long traffic back to Jakarta.

first stop, we had our breakfast at Miss Bee Providore.
another hype restaurant in Bandung and i think its worth the hype.

we got the location by using waze (all hail technology! hehe). once i got there, feels like i've been went to the place before because i saw on many instagram's posts before. there are rabbit hole, playground on the back, teeterboard, swing from car tires and the seating area divided into several part, the non smoking area which is have 2 style, inside the glass room with minimalist style and inside the living room with classic style. and the smoking area are near to the playground and open kitchen.

so, i think Miss Bee is kinda place for family with all many features that kid-friendly.

and as for the meals, we couldn't ordered that many menu because its still breakfast time but from what we ordered i can tell that they served a good food.

and they also got us, customers, a good goodie bag if we post the pictures of the food we ordered on instagram as you may see on my instagram's feed.

and last but not least, we were looking for Bandung's infamous snacks, like cilok, batagor and seblak. but since we were out of time, we just went to a place that we think have it all and then we went back for Jakarta.

it was really nice to went for a trip with best friends, don't you think?

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