Wednesday, September 28, 2016

a Weekend Gateaway to Bandung Day 1

this trip was an impromptu trip with my 5 best friends for 11 years (and counting) and also happened in my birthday week (but not necessarily celebrating my birthday)

we departed at two different times. another 3 girls departed in the morning of September 16th, by one of my friend's car. meanwhile, because work got in a way, me and 1 girl departed at 6 pm (on the same day) by Sararea shuttle at blora street and we ended up at Baltos, Bandung and picked up by Go-Car (sometime i still amaze by how technology made everything easy and convenient).

from Baltos we head to Summer Hills Hotel. as far as i remember, the trip to reach the Summer Hills hotel was creepy with no lights, except from the car and steep. but all paid of when we reach in to the hotel (not gonna write about the hotel tho).

the next morning, September 17th we head to all things at Lembang, Bandung.
first stop, Farm House Lembang. this would be the first time ever i got here, i read many articles about this place before. but in my own opinion, this place was great. i feel like i was in the Europe :)
with the bricks road, place to rent Dutch traditional costume, hobbit house and other attractive spots to take pictures.

the second place, Dusun Bambu. as for this spot, is more for family leisure park. with rabbit hole (alice in wonderland style) and restaurant in branches (feels like eating in a giant tree).

and as the sun goes down, we head to Kampung Daun to had our dinner.
and i am literally amazed with the scene. a drop dead gorgeous scenery (even tho little to hard to get there but all worth it).
fortunately, we were too busy to eat and forgot to take any pictures. so, the below pictures was taken from many sources that reviewing Kampung Daun and represent what i saw.
and on top of that, the food was amazing and the price is cheap (for what we get)

well, we call our day here and going back to the hotel. but the food we got at Kampung Daun didn't last long. we got Surabi Enhai in the midnight. hehe. but didn't took any pictures because we too busy to eat (again)


  1. Buka post di sini, senengnya pas goyang2in gambarnya, hihi.. (n)

    1. hihihihihi...
      paling gak ada yg bikin seneng yaaa klo pas buka blog akuh. hehehe

  2. Yaampun rumah hobbit . Aku ingin ke stu. Kampung daun pun aku belum pernah. Makasih infonya kak ais:)

    1. waaahhh..ternyata ada jg yg blm pernah kerumah hobbit, kirain aku doangan. soalnya rumah hobbit di farm house kan ngehits banget. hehehehe...kampung daun enak bgt tempatnya

  3. Yaampun rumah hobbit . Aku ingin ke stu. Kampung daun pun aku belum pernah. Makasih infonya kak ais:)