Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What I Wore on the Holidays

can not move on from Bali. i left my heart there :)

just a three-days of holiday to Bali but i did plan for the outfit because its holiday and the places to took good pictures are a bunch.
so, here it is what i wore.
at the airport
at the Pandawa Beach
Outfit Day 1:
Unbranded inner and square scarf; Uniqlo grey basic tee; Rayban shades; @i_shoppedhere maroon pants; Ruby polkadot jeans slip-on

in front of Batur Mountain, Kintamani
at the Jimbaran beach
Outfit Day 2:
Unbranded inner; @shofiyyah.info Fathima Pattern Square; Rayban shades; holiday uniform; Unbranded skirt; Laluna shocking pink sandal

at Bedugul
Outfit Day 3:
Unbranded inner; @shofiyyah.info Fathima Skull Pattern Shawl; Mom's brown shirt; Unbranded brown joger pants; Laluna shocking pink sandal

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  1. Bajunya yang di pantai baguuus:) Jadi kangen Bali, deh<3