Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Reasons

do you notice that i've been posted too much about beauty (something that barely new for me)?

the reason for those endless talking are:
first, i'm in my late 20's and just realized about how i never did skin care since i stopped dermatologist prescription which is seven years ago. and in seven years, i never try to do another skin care because i was just scared i ruined my acne-free face.

second, when i was in dermatologist prescription i wasn't be able did my make up (once when i was in high school, i try did my make up a bit but the very next day my slightly-acne-free-face got another severe acne attack because i put make up on the day before) and now i kinda try to "revenge" for that. besides, make up world now so much better because all the products are easy to use and there are so much tutorial video to do any kind of make up we want.

the third reason would sound so silly but please bear with me :)
third, because i got three months break from my office life. its new academic year, so the holiday bit longer than usual. because of that, i got free time (besides doing my small business, i practically doing nothing during these three months). so, i browsed, shopped, tried, tested and reported it in my blog :)

the fourth reason is i wanna help people like me by sharing information that i've got. that is my reason to start this blog in the first place.
i didn't have any credit cards so i intentionally avoiding shopping in other currency (while i'm in Indonesia) and because i'm in try and test mode, i also intentionally avoiding high end products. so, i wanna verify that with drugstore (or street store, in terms of Korean beauty) products or even local products you can get the same result (if its not above) with high end products.

alhamdulillah, as far as i know, there is nothing wrong in my face. even better, my dry patches are gone. Wardah White Secret series worked miracles in my face and now i trying and testing new skin care series and learn how to color correct my face also i am eyeing on some Korean beauty products :) hope that i can report it all very soon

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