Saturday, August 27, 2016

Skin Care Routine: The Body Shop Vitamin E Series

i mentioned before that my skin type was dry because there are many dry patches around my nose and cheek. fortunately, the skin care i did was worked so now i can call my skin is normal skin, according to these signs:
- i don't have visible or enlarge pores along the t-zone
- rarely experience breakouts
- i experience a slight oily shine at the end of the day
- rarely sensitive to products 
(source: soko glam)

and now, i switched my Wardah White Secret series to The Body Shop Vitamin E series. like i mentioned in my in this post that i bought this skin care line in a travel size pack, so its comes with small jars and bottles in form of moisture cream, night cream, cream cleanser and hydrating toner.

so, here it comes the review.
1. Cream Cleanser

when i saw in the package contain cream cleanser, i instantly think about cleanser that comes with two products that can not be apart like Viva Milk Cleanser + Toner (ones who grow up in the 90's would familiar with this products) but The Body Shop Vitamin E cream cleanser is bit different. the texture creamy like (obviously) but it doesn't need to rinse by toner or any other water based cleanser.
it moist my skin well enough that make my next step in the skin care routine, which is facial wash more gentle and didn't made my skin like squeezing.

2. Hydrating Toner

the first thing i noticed from the product was its fragrance. its not a bad thing tho because its smell like baby products. very gentle.
i remember, my skin care regime from the dermatology always include toner but only now i realized the purposed of toner is to restore skin pH balance after cleansing. sometimes after cleansing i feel my face rather dry but after using toner (this toner particularly) i feel my face got the moisturize back.

3. Moisture Cream

by the name, i can not be sure that this is day cream but by the explanation on the side of the jar, i can tell that this day cream because its said to use it on the day. but it doesn't contain any SPF and if i use this cream and putting my face primer after, my face would more oily like never been before in the end of the day.
but what about its performing on my skin? well, i can't tell anything since i can not tell the different it bring to my skin :(

4. Night Cream

the texture bit dense than the Wardah White Secret Night Cream and it not moisturize my skin well enough. 10 minutes after i put it on, i feel like i wasn't put any night cream because i didn't feel it moisturizing my skin. so sad, because i hope so much in this Vitamin E series :(

repurchase? obviously no but for now, i will try my best to make the jars and bottles empty, since it didn't made me breakout.

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