Friday, August 12, 2016

Dance in the Sunset

just like what i mentioned in my previous post, i got a chance to watched Kecak Dance in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia coincide with the sunset.

Kecak is Balinese dance and musical drama from Bali, Indonesia. it has been performed primarily by men wearing Bali checkered cloth around their waist circled a fire percussively chanting "cak".

Kecak dance tell love story between Rama and Sinta (puppetry story of Ramayana). in the performance that i watched there are three segment.

the first segment was tell Rama and Sinta who lives in forest. Sinta saw a golden deer and asked Rama to catch it for her. but Rama knows that if he leave Sinta alone, Rawana who like Sinta will kidnap Sinta and bring her to his kingdom. but Rama try to keep his promise to Sinta and asked his brother Lakshmana to keep her from Rawana while he leave.

the second segment was tell about Sinta who heard shouts that she believed is Rama. she asked Lakshmana to search for Rama but Lakshmana wouldn't leave Sinta without a guard, so he build a fortress for Sinta before he leave to search Rama. even tho Lakshmana built fortress for Sinta but still Rawana can kidnap Sinta and took her to his kingdom. Jatayu, an incredible bird who saw Rawana trying to kidnap Sinta, try to help Sinta but lost a fight with Rawana. before Jatayu died, he managed to tell to Rama about Sinta kidnapping.

and the last segment was tell about Rama who team up with Hanoman to save Sinta from Rawana. but Hanoman be caught by Rawana troops instead and they try to burn Hanoman alive. but Hanoman was too strong and he managed to escape and together with Rama and Lakshmana, they demolish Rawana's kingdom and Rawana died.

this musical drama has no music beside the "Cak" shouts from the Kecak dancer. isn't it cool?
and do you know that even tho Rama and Lakshmana is male character but the dancer was female. because (according to my tour guide) it was the local belief that the dancer have to be a female.

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