Friday, August 5, 2016

Beauty Haul and First Impression: Makeup Tools

second time write about beauty haul and first impression. yay!
first time, i think its enough just to conceal but when i try to bought concealer, the beauty adviser advised me to buy the orange corrector instead.
and when i first try to color correct, i can't hide it because on top of it, i used DD cream instead of foundation (didn't have at that time) then i can't blend it enough so thought i need beauty sponge and foundation brush.

so here it is what i spend in beauty and my first impression (it is really first impression because i don't have any experience using any of these before)

1. L.A Girl Pro Conceal - Orange Corrector

too many beauty bloggers and youtubers recommended L.A Girl Pro Conceal as your first concealer if you a first timer like me :) and i asked my friend who conceal, color correct and contour every day, she also recommended me this product. but i was too afraid to buy it at beauty e-commerce because i didn't know which color will perfect for my skin tone (first timer kinda problem).

just like something meant to be, when i have a mall kinda meeting, i saw a local beauty e-commerce open a booth at that mall. without further due, i asked about L.A Girl Pro Conceal but instead bought a concealer, i bought orange corrector.
why? because the beauty adviser told me so :( and when i got home, i started to search what is color correct. long story short, if i wanna correct dark spots around my face (dark spots is warm color like blue-purple), orange corrector would do the job. because on the color wheel orange is the opposite to blue.

when i tried it for the first time, i was messed up. i didn't used any beauty sponge or foundation brush (didn't have). why i messed up? because i didn't blend it well (finger won't do the justice) and on top of it, i only used DD cream to cover the orange color which is so obvious in my slightly fair skin tone. but when i got my beauty sponge, foundation brush and foundation, i tried again this orange color correct and i've got to say that it did correct my under eye but it didn't correct my dark spots round my face.

but at least, if the beauty adviser didn't advised me to buy this Orange Corrector (and i didn't bought it) i never know and learn about color correct :)

2. Bourjois Air Mat Foundation

truth to be told, i wanna bought Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation that Lizzy Parra and Sarah Ayu raved so much about. but Bourjois' counter near to my home didn't have that :( instead, the beauty adviser advised me to buy the other foundation series from Bourjois.

she said, technically Air Mat Foundation is better than Healthy Mix Foundation, not to mention it is matte finish. before i decided to buy, i remember my face will slightly oily at the end of the day and i wonder how my face will accept a matte finish look. so, i bought it.
over all, i love this foundation. its build-able and i can hid my dark spots with it.

FYI, this foundation is smell slightly. it acclaimed smell of flowers but i didn't disturbed with the smell, it actually really calming (at least, for me it did)

3. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
this is miracle. just like the name.
i used the sponge to blend the orange corrector and the foundation. the finish looked so smooth and in my lack of experience opinion, looked like airbrush finish.

4. Lamica Foundation Brush
its local product that Lizzy Parra loved so much :) so, i didn't hesitate to purchased this brush from Sociolla.

the bristle so soft in the face but when i blend foundation with this, i feel like i can took so much product than when i blend it with Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. so, for me, it better to applied foundation with the Miracle Complexion Sponge.

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