Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dreams Do Come True

friend: "are you happy to work for this company?"
me: "actually, i am happy with the friends i am making here but not for the job. i am not a behind-the-desk type of person"
friend: "what are you really like then?"
me: "i'd like to become a lecturer someday. that is why right now, i am eyeing some universities to enroll the post graduate program"
friend: "are you'll be resign then from the company? and will you as well continue to doctoral program?"
me: "i guess i will resign eventually but for doctoral program not in near time"

that is my conversation with my senior (in our bajaj ride from train station to the office. hehe) after i worked for several months in my first-job office in 2010 when i was a fresh graduate.

and look i am now. i am really a lecturer right now (even tho there so much struggling to become one) because dreams do come true when you not just dream but wake up, planning, work hard and praying.

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