Monday, June 6, 2016

Skin Care Routine: Wardah White Secret Series

this is gonna be my first time reviewing on a product. not gonna say i am the expert but this is written based on what i feel.

so, the story start about one month ago. i realized that my skin was too dry and there are so many dry patches around my nose, chin and cheek. and got me thinking that i haven't use skin care since seven years ago, after i quit from dermatologist prescription. but even tho i don't do skin care routine but i did my make up routine everyday.

it is a very bad move, i know but you can't blame me after almost my adolescence i spent being a girl with acne face and try to find the right prescription to be free from acne.

after i felt that right now is the right time to start skin care without dermatologist prescription, i start watched Youtube and asked my friends to find which skin care is good. my choice is Wardah White Secret Series.

from the series, i just use the night cream, day cream, facial wash and the essence. this is how i start my skin care routine with Wardah White Secret Series.

1. Facial Wash
before apply any skin care or make up, i always wash my face with this. i like the smell of this product, so relaxing and i also like the result on my face after i use it. it feels like my face so moist.

2. Intense Brightening Essence
even tho on the packing said that the essence for night use only before apply the night cream but sometime when i feel my skin too dry in the morning, i also apply the essence before i apply the day cream

3. Day and Night Cream
just like the name, i apply the day cream on day time and night cream on night time (too obvious, right?) after i apply the essence. the consistency between the day and night cream is different. the day cream much heavy than the night cream. after apply the day cream (on day time), i apply my make up routine and after apply the night cream (on night time), i straight go to sleep.

well, i try to warn you that i haven't had the experience to compare this product to another product because all i ever used was dermatologist prescription not drugstore or other fancy skin care. but these products did well to my skin. the dry patches gone even tho there are some sense of poignant at the beginning but now i am a one happy Wardah costumer.


  1. nice review.. baru tau ada yang seri ini.. udah lama gak icip2 Wardah..

    anyway the photos could be more attractive if you can elevate the lighting exposure a lil bit Ais.. :)

    *just my 2 cents

    1. hi ola,

      thanks for the advice yaa. iya, emang kurang lighting nya dan baru sadar belakangan ini klo tnyt perlu punya mini studio poto utk poto2 produk ky gini dan lighting yg ada skrg msh kurang terang. hehehe