Monday, May 2, 2016

My Best Friend's Wedding: Person with a Big Heart

since i had and (still) have a lot of friends and best friends soon to be married. so, i decided to start a new tittle special for telling you about my day and what i wore when i attend my best friend's wedding. and this one is about my best friend whom i know for eleven years.

the story begin when i start my undergraduate education. i met him and not sure what story that bring us become best friends but one thing for sure since i know him, he always there for me as a friend, best friend, shoulder to cry on and partner (he was my thesis partner and now he his my business partner).

he is the most patient person i have ever met and he is also the kindest person with big heart. no wonder he finally found the perfect girl to match his amazing personality. i still in amaze with his yesterday's wedding. with his union with her, i got another best friend.

from the deepest of my heart, i wish you a wonderful life ahead until death do you part, Fauzi Mubarak and Yosi Erfinda <3

 and for what i wore, i got bride's maid uniform fabric that i made into kebaya that inspire from kebaya Bali with obi and for the skirt i wore my mom's kain wiron (a traditional skirt from Java)

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