Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ambitious in a Good Way

Friend: "looks like, i have to continue my education to master degree. but i have to get a scholarship for that"
Me: "lets find one. next year,  my goal is to enroll a doctoral degree in a scholarship"
Friend: "isn't enough for you just have a master degree? i think you too ambitious"

i think there is no such thing as an ambitious behavior in term of knowledge.
people, technology and science are evolving, so it is never enough to study.

in whatever field you involve in, science and knowledge are always need to be learned.
in whatever form your study may are, we as a living creature have to be adapt to the environment.

in my case, i am a lecturer. so, i need to earn another title in order to be recognize, so my way is to take doctoral degree. beside, i am a woman who someday gonna be a mother.
isn't a mother is our kid's first school?

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