Saturday, April 23, 2016

Indonesian Dish In Can

rendang is spicy meat dish, originally from West Sumatera or Padang and it become the best dish based on CNN International poll.
padangnese or not, rendang is the main dish in every house in Indonesia when it comes to Eid Al-fitr but not dry rendang.

dry rendang is the same ingredients as rendang original but in the cooking process dry rendang cooked little longer to make the curry dry and the beef more tender.
i am not padangnese nor i've been to padang. so, the first time i heard about dry rendang in Jakarta, i was thrill to try it.
dry rendang from Lapau Andung have many various, like rendang suwir, rendang paru, petai balado and rendang telur. i had taste all of them and i keep wanting more (blame on the perfect ingredients).

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