Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Women's Day

two years ago when i was still a Project Manager in an Event Management company, i was handled an event called Inspiring Change. it was an event to celebrate International Women's Day in Indonesia, supported by Badan Kependudukan dan Keluarga Berencana Nasional (National Population and Family Planning Board). the theme of that event was National Movement 12 Years of Education for Teenage Girls.

that time, i was still in my postgraduate education and got me thinking "i got lucky to pass my 12 years of basic education, i was even got another 4 years of education at university and add another 2 years in postgraduate level. meanwhile there are so many girls even in Indonesia didn't have that luxury"

in Indonesia, gender issues are not so visible, more complex and remain there and probably more difficult to overcome. The issue is more complicated it becomes a barrier for Indonesia to
implement gender equality in education. some of the issues are based on norm, tradition and custom.

i am writing this now not to criticize anybody. this is just a little note for myself to remind me how lucky i am to have the opportunity to speak up my own mind and get the best of education there is. so, in the wake of International Women's Day let us empowering our surrounding especially women because women is strong, let alone women with education. she will become unbeatable.

here are some ways, i gathered from many sources, to empowering women at your surrounding.

1. Support her idea
with the development of technology, we become the generation full of ideas. many of us have the idea to start something but often have second thought on it. that is our spot to fill in, to tell her that her idea can work.

2. Help her to build networks
By helping her build social networks, women have more support and greater opportunities to effect change in their communities. i am part of Indonesian Hijab Blogger and see for myself the effect on building network through community. we empower one another through same interest on fashion, entrepreneurship and writings.

3. Spread good news about her and hid her flaw
in Islam, there is saying that "O you who believe! Avoid most of suspicion, for surely some of the prejudices it is a sin and do not peek or find fault and shame of others; and don't you cursed others. Did someone of you like to eat the flesh of dead companions? Then of course you're disgusted him.(Thus, flee from these prohibitions) and fear Allah, verily Allah is Oft repentance, Most Merciful."
so, why don't we just spread good news instead of bad news?

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