Friday, February 5, 2016


from an Event Organizer to a Lecturer.
actually i already become a lecturer while i was still an event organizer, but now i am a full time lecturer. and even better i am a lecturer at my undergraduate almamater.

become a lecturer was my childhood dream. i choose to see my bigger picture in life as a lecturer since my father also a lecturer.

the shifting process wasn't easy. to think that i will work with my used-to-be-lecturer make my self confidence once decrease but when i think that i will be surrounded by student who passion about their life make me self-driven.


from an employee to an entrepreneur.
oh...believe me i still an employee but since my time is really flexible so, i start a start-up business with my best friends.

the difference is real even for a small scale business. we have to do our own fabric hunting, production process, marketing the products and the financial sector.

the shifting process wasn't easy. with our time divided into work, personal matter and business matter. we didn't meet regularly but alhamdulillah everything is in their places.


the point is everybody in everywhere going through the shifting process but in a different scale and different way and different kind of acceptance.

i used to feel that i miss my life as an event organizer and i sob in my room and posted something sad to my social media to express my feeling. in my experience, express your feeling help a little bit, but don't forget to lay your problem to the almighty. that is the ultimate.

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