Monday, February 1, 2016

Kediri Day 2: Beauty is Pain

to have something beautiful we have to go trough a lot of pain, to see something majestic like volcano mountain that erupted last February 2014 i have to walk the uphill road for approximately five hundred meters with sun shining brightly.

Day 2, Saturday January 30th 2015
start the day at 9 am and we went straight to Kelud Mountain. it was around 45 minutes from the alun-alun. along the way, i wasn't saw traffic jam and no building that more than three-stories high (the highest building was Simpang Lima Gumul monument that equal to six-stories building).

inside the Mountain's Gate, there are many tourist attraction that the city government provide but some were closed down because its last erupted. so, after the erupted, the city government more concern to build the tourist attraction in lower mountain but still inside the gate.

one thing that make proud of is the city government saved everyone who lived in radius fifteen km from the mountain when its last erupted and there are no casualties except homes destroyed. and the next day of the mountain's erupted, Kediri filled with white volcanic dust that spread through Bandung.

one destination left before i left for Jakarta.
Kawasan wisata Sumber Oembalan had natural spring water. i wasn't sure of the history was but i can assure that it was beautiful.

and for my last lunch in Kediri, we ate snails satay that famous in code 02. it was taste actually good with the peanut sauce and sambal. and oh...Kediri famous for Tahu Taqwa (soy cake in big size) so, what else i could got for my souvenirs :)

and finally, i have to go back to Jakarta. to face reality and go back to my routine.
Kediri is a nice city to escape for awhile with their tourism tagline "KEDIRI LAGI" which means people expect to come back again to Kediri and me myself hoping that i can go back to Kediri again sometime :)

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