Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kediri Day 1: Finally We Meet Again

actually i never been to Kediri but i finally meet again with my long-time-no-see friend who live in Kediri. so, he was my guide during my 2 days at Kediri.

day 1, Friday January 29th  2015
arrived at Kediri Station at 7 o'clock in the morning and decided to had a breakfast in a food stall near the station before we explore the city known for its major trade in sugar and cigarette industry.

the 63,4 km square city is quite hot be compared to Jakarta but no traffic jam. for a Jakarta Native like me who born and raised in Jakarta and both parents also Jakarta Native, having a time to saw other city with no traffic jam is eyes pleasing and heart warming.

as part of Kediri Kingdom from 11th century, Kediri have many historical sites. so, after breakfast we walk to Brantas River and headed to Tjoe Hwie Kiong Temple. as we walked we passed several historical sites like Pancasila Monument Park and Syech Ali Samsudin tomb.

finally, we arrived at Alun-alun (city square) where there is a statue of Mayor Bismo who is a national hero from Kediri.

after rest for awhile, we continue to explore the city to Simpang Lima Gumul, where there is a monument similar to Arch de Triomphe in Paris.

we arrived across the street from the monument and we took the tunnel to get near to the monument, apparently there are four tunnels that connect each street to the monument and each tunnel display Kediri's history in pictures. rumor has it that the establishment of this monument was inspired by Jongko Joyoboyo, king of Kediri Kingdom of the 12th century who wanted to unite the five regions in Kediri.

after here and there snaps (and couple failed of panodash attempt) my friend said we would have private tour of Simpang Lima Gumul observation deck because originally it wasn't open for public yet. yaaay!!

quite satisfied with Simpang Lima Gumul, we went back to Alun-alun and had our dinner with Kediri's signature dish, Nasi Tumpang.

Nasi Tumpang is rice with gravy sauce from sambal tumpang. Sambal tumpang itself is a condiment made with raw vegetaries and decayed tempe and presented exactly like nasi pecel which already popular.

and what make me mesmerized was every time i ordered food there are always tahu and tempe as compliment to the food, such a generous people :)

and as the plate empty, i went back to the hotel and get some real sleep after fourteen hours of train trip.

Outfit #1: Unbranded inner and black shawl; gift from Dimarigraph tees; Swiss Army timepiece; Zara Men jeans in army green; Laluna neon pink sandal

Outfit #2: Unbranded inner and shawl; Marc New York tees; Unbranded joger pants; Swiss Army timepiece; Laluna neon pink sandal


  1. wah kalau di kediri tiap pesan makanan dapet gratis tahu tempe? :D
    makasih infonya Mba ais :D hana belum pernah ke kediri :D

    1. iya, mba. kaget kan yaa aku padahal klo di jakarta harus pesen dulu. hehehe

  2. Hey, your trip looks fantastic. All these places you visited here are very pretty. I wish I could also visit there soon!! Well dear I am also going to take my family to NYC. At some popular venue NYC I will be hosting a fun party on my parent’s 20th anniversary.