Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Color of Friendship

i've been said about a project in numbers of my posts but i haven't reveal what it is.
now, i will reveal it.

it is my new Hijab line. Yay!!
it is not something big because something big start with a small step, right?

so, i start with a small step and small scale of business. its called Shofiyyah. it means unconditional friendship in Arabic. i called it Shofiyyah because i build this business along with my other three best friends from junior high school, so our friendship is tested and its unconditional and hoping that our products can be best friend for those who wear hijab :)

for starter, we have 2 kinds of product, fathima and aisha, all in various colors.
fathima is shawl and aisha is instant shawl. fathima with rayon and cotton fabrics, meanwhile aisha is jersey fabrics. and for other information you can find it on our instagram account :)

in the mean time, our products can be purchase only on instagram, click here to our instagram account and follow it.

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