Saturday, November 28, 2015

New Resolution

we have to admit, new year is just around the corner and when it comes to new year, i always ask myself "is my achievement good enough this year?" or "what would i do next year?"

those kinda questions that keeps me going forward.

and the answer to those questions are:
my achievement is good enough. i will graduate with cum laude possibility (my graduation is next year but seeing from my grade point now, i got a cum laude grade possibility) and i got a hijab line (join capital with three of my friends, called Shofiyyah)

and the answer for next question would be:
i would definitely chasing my dream to become a lecturer aaannnddd.....i am perhaps will be continue my education to the next level and it will be give another question, will it be PhD or Doktor (will it be an international course or local course??)

inshaallah...all of my efforts will be lead me to the best i can be. Aamiin :)

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