Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maybe "Once-In-a-Lifetime" Opportunity

Bon Jovi came to Jakarta after 20 years!!
it became an instant once in a life time opportunity and i had the opportunity to witness their performance in Jakarta first hand on September 11th 2015 at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta.

speaking from the side of the organizer (pardon my behavior, after studied MICE/Event and live in MICE/Event industry for many years, i have a disorder to see every events from the organizer's side). its Live Nation Indonesia and Java Production which no doubt for their expertise at organizing a concert. their high achievement in organizing a concert leave no room for the spectators to blame them. since the procedures to buy the tickets to how they execute the event itself was perfect but i am sure as hell no matter how experience the organizer is, in one event must there be one or more side be aggrieved. but for me last night event was run as smooth as baby's skin :)

now, speaking from the spectator side.
Bon Jovi is one of the legendary band, their songs was and still is theme song for many life.
they are old now but, their looking good on the stage (esp. Jon Bon Jovi). Jon's voice still sound the same and as good as on the record. i think they are what you call "better with age". they were performed the crowd pleasing songs like "Its My Life", "Bad Name", "Saturday Night", "Have A Nice Day" and "Prayer" as their last songs but there are no "I'll Be There For You" or "Blaze Of Glory". mostly their were performed their new songs from the new album but its still worth it for those who went to the concert and buy tickets from IDR 500.000 to IDR 3.500.000
their were performed 20 songs in total 2 hours show but hey...WE STILL WANT MORE!!

if you wanna see their performance from last night concert you can youtube it, since i am not record or take pictures of their performance at all because i come to enjoy their music :)
so, instead their pictures during performance, i give you my outfit pictures :p

Outfit: Unbranded black inner and hijab; Rusty black tee; My brother's tartan shirt; Wrangler ripped jeans; Nikicio grey legging; Converse red shoes

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