Wednesday, July 29, 2015

addicted to

as far as i can remember, the first time VCD technology came to my home was way back when i still at the elementary school.
my mom and dad, came home with the VCD player and some movies in VCD's. one of them was Jurassic Park. and since then, the whole family was addicted to The Jurassic Park movie franchise.

dozens years later, at present time. another Jurassic movie was released but unfortunately, we missed to watch it in the cinema but we watch it at home, this time with DVD technology.
at present time, i have two toddler nieces who also addicted to watching movies (just like their aunt).

the whole family, including my nieces watch the Jurassic World together and again we got addicted by it. we watch it once a day in a week :) too much, i know. hehe

i said to my niece, the older one that i have been to Jurassic Park and i have a picture with the famous gate of Jurassic Park (the one i took at the Universal Studios Singapore) and she believe that the park is exist :) and she always asked where she can see the dinosaurs. but its all good now, i have straight things up with my niece and told her the truth about dinosaurs :)

its good to have the common hobby with the family tho. in my case, we can just drive to the nearest movie theater or just wait until it release the DVD version and watch it at home.

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