Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Working Birthday

Sept 12th, 2014
was my birthday but i was midst the hectic preparation for the next day event of 5000 participants. i was spent the day at the venue for set up.
through out the day, i was received so many blessing from friends, family (via phone called since i wasn't met my family on the day of my birthday and the day after) and also from my sweetheart.

Sept 13th, 2014
day #2 without sleeping.
my main duty start at 8 am, start from the opening ceremony at the main stage. i was Stage Manager. at 2 pm, all the activity was over. after a little chit chat here and there, i was inform that i was needed inside the committee's room but it was a trapped. my office mates caught me, they wrapped my hands and legs with duct tape and they drew my face with a red lipstick, took photo of mine and posted it to Path.

after i got free from the duct tape, i got a hint and feeling that i would received another surprise and this time from the very person that i am hoping for. and i was right, he got me a surprised birthday cake which delivered by the restaurant staffs where we ate our dinner who singing birthday songs.

this was the first time i spent my birthday with work. but overall, it was fun and unforgettable :)
thanks to all those who posted birthday wishes to my social media and make me more popular than what i really am.

Outfit 1:
Unbranded inner & USA flag shawl; C2 black basic tee; The Executive pants; Little Thing She Needs chrome sandal

Outfit 2:
Unbranded inner & leopard shawl; Office uniform polo shirt; Unbranded black jeans; Mary Jane's By Be-Bob denim ankle boots

*mind the tired face since i wasn't have enough sleep for 2 days in a row

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