Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hot Trending Topic

truth to be told, i am a newbie in wearing hijab but i am not gonna lie, i was consider wearing hijab since 2006 but really wearing it about a month ago.
surrounded myself with various of hijab since 9 years ago. start from Syari' Hijab to fashionable hijab. all the education of what is proper for a hijabi woman was my daily feed. but all kind of hijab is a learning process.

Jiboobs or a woman who wear hijab but still wearing tight clothes, accentuates their body curves and the hijab not covering the chest part, is a hot trending topic in Jakarta.
like i said, hijab is a learning process. not just hijab but all things in life is a learning process.

hijab is now a trending among Indonesian teenagers, they are still in a learning process. they can not be blamed entirely on the use of the hijab which still does not meet shari'ah. they need process.

i admit, me myself in wearing hijab also still not meet shari'ah but i am really try to let my hijab covering my chest part and even tough i am still wearing jeans but i am try to loosen my jeans and wearing a long shirt or t-shirt to covering my lower part of the body. i am in the middle of searching for skirt that i can wear daily and fit my daily activity, which is a mobile activity. so, hopefuly someday i can perfected my hijab style with skirt and shari' hijab. aameen.

so, whatever we do, a learning process is a must. knowing that we not entirely right and have the will to make it right is the main part of the life.

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