Sunday, July 20, 2014

Helping Hands

we begin as friends in the college and started the annual event on the senior year of our education which was 6 years ago.
and ever since, every year we get together to commemorate our friendship and be grateful for what God gave us in the past years.
even more, one of my friend is pregnant right now, my other friend is preparing for her nuptial, two of my friend was graduated from their higher education also me and my friend is preparing for thesis. so, this year feeling so special and so bless (also because i am share this holy Ramadhan with my special one).

on the 21st day of Ramadhan, we held the 6th Annual Buka Bareng with less fortunate people and help them in what we capable of at Laras' house. this year was the second time the twelve of us (complete form plus the host's significant other) attended the annual event.
in other word, nothing can describe my grateful feeling for having them in my life.

 Outfit: Unbranded inner; Gift from Laras shawl; Accent red top; Unbranded black jeans

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