Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Winners are dreamers who never give up

-Prof. Subroto*

*) Prof. Dr. Subroto is a Professor in the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (UI). former OPEC secretary general who is now chairman of the Advisory Board of Yayasan Bina Anak Indonesia turned out to have a great attention to education issues for children.
He born in 19th September, 1928 in Surakarta was graduated of Bachelor in UI. He earned a Master of Arts from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and Doctorate degree in Economics from the UI. Besides that, he also has gained economics of education at Stanford University and Harvard University in the United States. 
Some of his work of scientific publications are "Indonesian Terms of Trade after the Second World War ", Master's thesis, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1956, "Kerjasama Ekonomi Antar Negara-negara Asia", the magazine economy in 1959, "Menyusun Sendi-Sendi Ekonomi Berdasarkan Prinsip ekonomi", at Symposium Ressurection of Spirit 1966. His experience in the economy is also not less great with other economists. He is the second person who has served as Secretary General of OPEC in 1980. In addition, he he also served as Minister of Mines and Energy, the Director General of Research and Development of the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Transmigration and Cooperatives (1971-1973), and Minister of Manpower, Transmigration, Cooperatives (1973-1978)

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