Friday, November 23, 2018

Life Diary: Being in Love With My Job (Part 2)

so now for the part 2, i will tell you what to expect about being a lecturer and how we do all that.

i join the force of Politeknik Negeri Jakarta, informatics and computer engineering major in 2016. i was (and still am) teach technology entrepreneurship.
i was took entrepreneurship specialization in my post-graduate degree but i never really understand how the technology run, how they made all that games, apps and webs possible for us to use. so, that was my first challenge, teach entrepreneurship, an economic related matter, to engineering students.

a month before my first teaching gig, i got the subject's semester learning plan which my guide to plan my content of what i am going to say in the class for the semester and from that i got to choose what books will become my groundwork and data basis. aside from that i also enrich myself with tech news and insights about technology in general.

a semester after a semester gone by.
i got to teach the same subject for almost 2 semesters before they add another subjects to my load.

the second challenge was i have to teach Character Building and Leadership subject to engineering students.
as management students in both my under-graduate degree (eventho, event management is descendant of  tourism science) and post-graduate degree, i was taught about Leadership subject.
and in the same year, another former lecturer of mine asked me to help her teach another subject in other university which also a subject i had learned before but not that good at.

my first thought was "if i am not took that subjects, i never knew whether i able or not. beside it is my time to expand my knowledge"
one thing for sure, any level of students that you teach, they never have the same mindset as we are and therefore, no matter how much knowledge you have, you still smarter than your students because we learned before they do, even if only 5 minutes apart.

this second year lecturer, have 3 subjects on her sleeves.
another challenge was i feel bored teach the same subject (the technology entrepreneurship subject) for almost 2 years now. felt like i don't feel the challenge of teaching anymore.

in my boredom, i thought of having new subject to teach in the next semester. a thought i never told anyone nor i said in any of my dua but Allah hears no matter what and Allah grant me a new subject that i need to explore in my 3rd year of teaching. Law and Ethics in Technology subject.

eventho i have the semester learning plan, i never have the luxury of learning law whatsoever. so, it was my very stressful challenge but lucky me, that semester i only teach 2 subjects in only 4 classes so, i can manage my "free" time to explore this new subject.

in that semester break time, i got to join the mandatory workshop for lecturer which a curriculum making workshop and book writing workshop because in last semester, i got my NIDN (Nomor Induk Dosen Nasional) which means i have to fill lecturer workload in not only teaching, but also researching and community service which we call as Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi.

so, after learn in that workshop, i realized that my method of teach was still rotate around me as the teacher, but instead i have to rotate around the students so that they not merely fed the information but are looking for that information themselves.

as this semester, i teach that 4 subjects i taught before altogether and i trying to swift my teaching method and i prepared all the documents i need in order to make my teaching life easier. the method and documents that i learned in that workshop.

and well, lecturer workload is not only the Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi.
there is other workload such as committees for any kind of activity that your university do. and don't forget, Polytechnic is a vocational school which means we teach 70% practice - 30% theory and it effect on the length of teaching hours and its done by the lecturers themselves without help from the teaching assistant.

so yeah, to compare my workload as project manager in an event organizer and as lecturer in a vocational school, hands down it is more hectic as lecturer in a vocational school but as a woman, it is still bearable because of the time flexibility.

but teaching is not job for everyone because obviously, not everyone have the passion to teach but i feel like i finally find my passion here. i can teach and utilize my knowledge both from my under-graduate degree and post-graduate degree and i also can manage my own time during my free time. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Life Diary: Being in Love With My Job (Part 1)

pardon my lack of updates in this blog (well, i only have this one blog anyway) and it will be some lame excuse if i tell you that it is hard maintaining life, my life in particular, these days.

but i finally write this blog to address questions about how i get caught up being a lecturer.
i'll divide this subject into two posts and in this part 1, i will be talk about why and how i'm being a lecturer.

first and foremost, i am not whatsoever graduated from educational major. on the contrary, i was graduated from MICE (Meeting Incentive Convention Exhibition) or you can say Event Management for my under-graduate degree. the graduates is hoping to become practitioners in event management which i was until 2015.

graduated in 2009, i was worked for a telco company as my stepping stone. a year of work, i decided to resign after got an offer from a friend of mine to work in one Indonesia's Ivy League university's public relation, kind of work that almost the same like what i had learned as MICE graduates.

after involved much in education world, i realized that i have to continue my study to the next level. i start my search for a scholarship because my parents clarify that if any of their children want to continue their study higher than under-graduate degree, it has to be their own money or scholarship.
which i got from Tiffin University in Ohio, United States of America.

but my mistake was not to asked my parents' permission to apply there and when i asked them to help me get my America Visa, they forbid me to leave and told me to apply in any university in Jakarta instead. and this time i listen to them well.

on that year, the university i worked for had a negative image because of their president of university corruption and it is covered by big medias. as result my direct superior, got kicked out of the campus because she was the opposite team from the president and after out from the university, she established an event organizer office and she took me in as the project manager.

the first year i worked as project manager, i was accepted at Universitas Negeri Jakarta in Management major. but still, it wasn't educational major, it was under Economics Faculty.
being full time project manager had me awake that i, as a girl, who gonna be a wife and a mother, can not live long as project manager, because i wasn't had definite working hours. in some time, i don't come home for a week, some time in a month or some time i can work from home. for that particular reason, i determined to finish my study and become a lecturer.

why lecturer? because that is the only job that require my set of skill that have flexible time. as a woman, i need to actualize myself but still committed to my family.

i keep my job as project manager because from that job i got the money to pay my education. so yeah, i was struggle to balance my time but honestly, i kinda proud of myself for doing that.

i was resign from that office and that position in 2015 because i finally graduated from Universitas Negeri Jakarta and in 2016 i got an offer from my under-graduate degree lecturer to fill one subject that was my specialization that i got a chance to study in my post-graduate degree

and that was my background story for why i become a lecturer and i pretty damn love my job

Monday, April 23, 2018

Video: Freezing to Bone in Hong Kong

if you follow my instagram, @aispradiptyas, you knew that some time ago in February, i was went to Hong Kong for a short of time before another plan get in the way :)

and this first video of our first 2 days of stayed in Hong Kong. we were stayed in Causeway Bay Area, which near to Victoria Park.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Review Diary: The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

truth to be told, i was tempting to bought this serum because of many of beauty bloggers raved so much about almost all of The Ordinary products. and after realized that Niacinamide can fade the hyper-pigmentation so i go for this The Ordinary products.

after introduce BHA from cosRX one step pimple pad, i wanna step my game up in acids :) so, i purchased this serum from benscrub since i never buy something online in other currency beside Rupiah.

the texture is kinda jelly-ish kinda serum but surprisingly it absorb so easily on my skin. i don't have to wait too long to finally the product sink in my skin.

the scent, i can't pick up any smell at all. if there is any, i guess it is kinda chemical smell.

the price it is insanely affordable even when you already converted the currency to Rupiah.

how to use, in the first 3 months i was using in my AM & PM skincare routine, but now since i use other acid from cosRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner at night, i only use The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% in the morning 

the result was amazing. pardon my mistake not to took any pics of before and after i used this serum but i can tell you that my hyper-pigmentation is fading after about 3 months of me using this serum. and i am using this serum for almost 5 months now.

to be honest, i am very please with the products. but maybe i won't repurchase because i want to try their vitamin C serum.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Review Diary: Mazaya Dermo Whitening Serum

pardon my M.I.A for awhile. no reasons seems perfect to justify it :)
but anyways, i am back to bring you my thoughts about Indonesian skincare brand, Mazaya.

i came across with this brand when i try to replace my serum from Innisfree which gonna be out soon and i try battle my PIH. according to Liah Yoo, one of many acids that can help to reduce hyper-pigmentation is arbutin.
so, when i found about Mazaya, i saw that this serum has arbutin but not as their top 3 ingredients.

the texture kinda watery, very light and absorb so easily. transparent just like water.
the scent, i don't remember picking any scent from the product.
the result, i have some hyper-pigmentation but until the products were out, i didn't saw any significant change on any of my hyper-pigmentation.
the price was very affordable even between Indonesian local brand and surprisingly, a little goes a long way so.

if the last question is, would i repurchased this product? i can assure you that i wouldn't repurchase it just because there are many serum out there that affordable but more effective to combat my PIH.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fashion Diary: What I Wore to Work

as a lecturer i never feel comfortable to wear formal outfit. i'd rather blending in with my surrounding and wear tee or jeans but still with a touch of formality.

Unbranded head scarf & tee; Mom's vest and trousers; Payless sandal heels

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Traveling Diary: Minimalist Packing to Purwakarta

this post supposedly live a long time ago but because i am a real procrastinator, so this just up :)
what i took to Purwakarta was just my daily backpack which i bought from Zalora but i managed to enjoy my impulsive trip even with minimalist packing.

what's inside my backpack:
1. my little packing cube which include one day outfit 
2. my handmade wristlet
3. my everyday make up pouch
4. my toiletries which include shampoo, body wash, face wash, toner, moisturizer & sleeping mask, contact lens case & solution, and toothbrush

below picture shows the outfit i was carried on my packing cube inside the backpack