Saturday, August 27, 2016

Skin Care Routine: The Body Shop Vitamin E Series

i mentioned before that my skin type was dry because there are many dry patches around my nose and cheek. fortunately, the skin care i did was worked so now i can call my skin is normal skin, according to these signs:
- i don't have visible or enlarge pores along the t-zone
- rarely experience breakouts
- i experience a slight oily shine at the end of the day
- rarely sensitive to products 
(source: soko glam)

and now, i switched my Wardah White Secret series to The Body Shop Vitamin E series. like i mentioned in my in this post that i bought this skin care line in a travel size pack, so its comes with small jars and bottles in form of moisture cream, night cream, cream cleanser and hydrating toner.

so, here it comes the review.
1. Cream Cleanser

when i saw in the package contain cream cleanser, i instantly think about cleanser that comes with two products that can not be apart like Viva Milk Cleanser + Toner (ones who grow up in the 90's would familiar with this products) but The Body Shop Vitamin E cream cleanser is bit different. the texture creamy like (obviously) but it doesn't need to rinse by toner or any other water based cleanser.
it moist my skin well enough that make my next step in the skin care routine, which is facial wash more gentle and didn't made my skin like squeezing.

2. Hydrating Toner

the first thing i noticed from the product was its fragrance. its not a bad thing tho because its smell like baby products. very gentle.
i remember, my skin care regime from the dermatology always include toner but only now i realized the purposed of toner is to restore skin pH balance after cleansing. sometimes after cleansing i feel my face rather dry but after using toner (this toner particularly) i feel my face got the moisturize back.

3. Moisture Cream

by the name, i can not be sure that this is day cream but by the explanation on the side of the jar, i can tell that this day cream because its said to use it on the day. but it doesn't contain any SPF and if i use this cream and putting my face primer after, my face would more oily like never been before in the end of the day.
but what about its performing on my skin? well, i can't tell anything since i can not tell the different it bring to my skin :(

4. Night Cream

the texture bit dense than the Wardah White Secret Night Cream and it not moisturize my skin well enough. 10 minutes after i put it on, i feel like i wasn't put any night cream because i didn't feel it moisturizing my skin. so sad, because i hope so much in this Vitamin E series :(

repurchase? obviously no but for now, i will try my best to make the jars and bottles empty, since it didn't made me breakout.

Friday, August 26, 2016

God is Good

But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. (2:216)

i was planning to stay low this semester in my home base campus, but Allah is knows what is good for me and Allah is beyond good.
Allah set a great deal of a plan for everyone, including me. in fact, Allah's plan is better than ours.

without any CV, i got into University of Indonesia to teach in their vocational school.
without i asked, my head of study program in my home base campus, gave me just nine hours of teaching every week, so that i can fill another hours at vocational school of University of Indonesia.

and i beyond grateful for what happens to me this semester. eventhough there will be juggling between two subjects that i teach at two campuses at once, i sure i'll be excited. besides, i only got freshmen classes this semester at both campuses (it'll be exciting to see fresh faces who just graduated and keen with what world would have)
moreover, i am allow to have assistant professor (yaay!) to help me on vocational school.

i am thrill to see what will be going on in this semester. and i am sure Allah will help me along the way :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

7 Days Sheet Masks Challenge

get those babies from Hermo Indonesia and wear seven of them on 7 days sheet masks challenge.
used the seven of these after i got home from my last holiday to Bali (for sure, i got tanner than before).

Day 1: Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Strawberry
pic source Innisfree web
since the "what it is" section written in the back of the products with Hangeul (which a very little i can understand), i searched at the Innisfree web and luckily, its on English. so, here it is:

What it is
Get supple and translucent skin with the strawberry It's real squeeze mask!

1. It's real squeeze mask - strawberry
Strawberry helps make your skin bright and supple.

2. Jeju green complex
The Jeju green complex consists of green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves, and orchids to keep your skin healthy.

3. Triple-layered sheet
This triple-layer sheet has a long-lasting moisturizing effect so that the essence can gradually be absorbed into the skin.
what i feel:
since i get tanner than before so i go back to Wardah White Secret Series to brighten up my face. so, after i put this sheet mask on and not washed off the excess of the essence, i continue on putting Night Cream from Wardah White Secret and going to sleep.
woke up the next morning i feel like my skin hydrated well enough but there is a sticky feel to it and my face didn't really brighten than the night before (maybe because its not a really meant to be brightening sheet mask) but it is really do the job to moisture and hydrate the skin.
there is no fragrant whatsoever (or its just me who didn't really smell anything).

Day 2: Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Rose
pic source: Innisfree web
the web said on the "What It Is" section pretty much the same with the Strawberry one but the only difference is the Rose one is provide moisture to make your skin smooth.
what i feel:
didn't really feel different from the Strawberry one. only the Rose one didn't leave sticky feel to the skin. and this time i can really smell the rose fragrant and its really calming.

Day 3: Dear Berry Coco's Secret Recipe Pumpkin Wash Off Mask and Nature Republic Real Nature Sheet Mask - Avocado
i got this from Hermo Indonesia when i purchased all of these sheet masks as free sample. and it turns out to be great sample.
with orange-y creamy texture, it is instantly make my skin looks bright (super happy). and like its name, you have to wash it off after it dry out on the skin. and after i wash it off, i put my toner on with cotton pad and there are orange-y residue from this mask picked up by my cotton pad :(
didn't really content with this mask, i continue with another sheet mask and this time is Nature Republic Real Nature Sheet Mask - Avocado.
the one thing i notice as soon as i opened the sheet mask was the tissue they used for the mask was thicker than from the Innisfree.

What i feel:
the essence sink very well on my skin and after the sheet mask off of my face, there are still a lot essence left on my face. i feel the essence really moisture my face well enough and woke up the next day felt really refreshing.

Day 4: Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Acai Berry
pic source: innisfree web
on the Innisfree web, they put in the fact about acai berry.
its said that "on the Amazon, acai berry refer as the fountain youth due to its nutrients and potential health benefit. acai berry provides younger-looking skin".

what i feel:
i can sense some fragrant but not sure what it was but don't worry for you who have a sensitive to a fragrant on skin care, it doesn't really strong (well, at least for me). and i was slightly felt my skin brighten a bit.

Day 5: Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Lime
pic source: innisfree web
the first thing i noticed about this mask is the fragrant so refreshing and its lime fragrant off course.
it's claim that lime will help give your skin a bright and clear complexion.

what i feel:
i guess the claimed was true. my skin brighter than before using the sheet mask. the only downside from this sheet mask, it easily ripped off when i try to spread it to my corner face, even though it claimed to be three layered sheet.

Day 6: Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Shea Butter
pic source: innisfree web
the essence of this sheet mask was rather white but i can't smell any fragrant from it.

what i feel:
to be frank, i don't feel any different from using it :(

Day 7: Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Tea Tree
pic source: Innisfree web
i was thought that this tea tree will smell as same as tea tree from The Body Shop but it wasn't. i didn't smell anything instead.

what i feel:
a or two acne appear on my cheek, that is why i decided to put this mask to end my 7 days sheet mask challenge. i felt that my acne feel better after the sheet mask off of my face.
the essence also abundant.

i join the 7 days sheet mask challenge knowing that my skin is tanner than before and the after 7 days i feel like my skin better. my skin tone go back to the skin tone before i went holiday, because my friends didn't notice that i got tanner. so, i conclude that my 7 days sheet mask challenge is working.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What I Wore on the Holidays

can not move on from Bali. i left my heart there :)

just a three-days of holiday to Bali but i did plan for the outfit because its holiday and the places to took good pictures are a bunch.
so, here it is what i wore.
at the airport
at the Pandawa Beach
Outfit Day 1:
Unbranded inner and square scarf; Uniqlo grey basic tee; Rayban shades; @i_shoppedhere maroon pants; Ruby polkadot jeans slip-on

in front of Batur Mountain, Kintamani
at the Jimbaran beach
Outfit Day 2:
Unbranded inner; Fathima Pattern Square; Rayban shades; holiday uniform; Unbranded skirt; Laluna shocking pink sandal

at Bedugul
Outfit Day 3:
Unbranded inner; Fathima Skull Pattern Shawl; Mom's brown shirt; Unbranded brown joger pants; Laluna shocking pink sandal

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Beauty Essential for Holiday

in my last traveling, i was worried about skin care and make up i will going to bring with me since this is the first time i travel since i awake about skin care.
so after i going through my skin care and make up collection, i decided to bring these babies with me.

i hope this will help you who new to the skin care and make up world :)

Skin care:
The Body Shop Vitamin E Nigh Cream, Moisture Cream, Cream Cleanser and Hydrating Toner
Kojie Son Sun Block

Make up:
Wardah C-Defense DD cream
Make Over Eyebrow Pencil Brown to Earth
L'oreal Miss Manga False Lash
Revlon Mineral Powder
Revlon Moisture Stain
Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick

Friday, August 12, 2016

Dance in the Sunset

just like what i mentioned in my previous post, i got a chance to watched Kecak Dance in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia coincide with the sunset.

Kecak is Balinese dance and musical drama from Bali, Indonesia. it has been performed primarily by men wearing Bali checkered cloth around their waist circled a fire percussively chanting "cak".

Kecak dance tell love story between Rama and Sinta (puppetry story of Ramayana). in the performance that i watched there are three segment.

the first segment was tell Rama and Sinta who lives in forest. Sinta saw a golden deer and asked Rama to catch it for her. but Rama knows that if he leave Sinta alone, Rawana who like Sinta will kidnap Sinta and bring her to his kingdom. but Rama try to keep his promise to Sinta and asked his brother Lakshmana to keep her from Rawana while he leave.

the second segment was tell about Sinta who heard shouts that she believed is Rama. she asked Lakshmana to search for Rama but Lakshmana wouldn't leave Sinta without a guard, so he build a fortress for Sinta before he leave to search Rama. even tho Lakshmana built fortress for Sinta but still Rawana can kidnap Sinta and took her to his kingdom. Jatayu, an incredible bird who saw Rawana trying to kidnap Sinta, try to help Sinta but lost a fight with Rawana. before Jatayu died, he managed to tell to Rama about Sinta kidnapping.

and the last segment was tell about Rama who team up with Hanoman to save Sinta from Rawana. but Hanoman be caught by Rawana troops instead and they try to burn Hanoman alive. but Hanoman was too strong and he managed to escape and together with Rama and Lakshmana, they demolish Rawana's kingdom and Rawana died.

this musical drama has no music beside the "Cak" shouts from the Kecak dancer. isn't it cool?
and do you know that even tho Rama and Lakshmana is male character but the dancer was female. because (according to my tour guide) it was the local belief that the dancer have to be a female.

100% Participant

this is a post of my last holiday to Bali but i am not gonna explain how i got my hotel and how i got to any destination in Bali because i just follow itinerary from the travel agency and the travel agency already paid by the institute i working for :) i was just a 100% participant (like i never been before because i was an organizer). so, i just sit back relax and everything is settle.

it was three days escape to Bali and the first time i got to Bali again in five years (so sad right?)
the first day i got to Bali, i got a chance to watched Kecak Dance in Uluwatu (gonna post it in another post) but before i got in to another post, please enjoy what i've been posted in Instagram and what not :)